The Europa Magazine #77 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #77 – Cover

(Vol.XIV, No.1. 2000)


  • “Company Briefing: In Memorium to Winston Hamilton” (Obituary)
  • “Company Briefing: The Future is Finite” (Commentary) Winston Hamilton
  • “From the Editor: Poland at War” (Editorial) Frank Watson
  • “The Designer’s Desk: Bitter Harvest Discussion” (Discussion) Mark Royer
  • “Inside Europa: First to Fight Q&A” (Designer Notes) John Astell (First to Fight)
  • “Armies in Exile: Polish Forces in Great Britain” (Historical) Alan Philson
  • Europa Biography: Wladyslaw Sikorski” (Historical)
  • “Armies in Exile: The Polish Free Army in Grand Europa” (Historical) Eric Pierce
  • “Orders of Battle: The Polish Army in Second Front” (Historical) (Second Front)
  • “Orders of Battle: New-Style First to Fight Air OBs” (Variant) Jason Long (First to Fight)
  • “Historical Background: The Odyssey of Anders’ Army” (Historical)
  • “Orders of Battle: Poland’s 1939 Border Guards – Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza” (Variant) Jean-Guy Rathe (First to Fight)
  • TEM Index: Poland in The Europa Magazine” (Index)
  • Europa as History: Polish Historical Deployment – Sep I 39” (Historical) Frank Watson (First to Fight)
  • Europa Biography: Marshal Edward Rydz-Smigly” (Historical)
  • Europa Variant: First to Fall – The Polish Campaign at Weeks per Turn” (Variant) Frank Watson (First to Fight)
  • Battlefield Report: First to Fall Replay #2” (Series Replay) Phil Christiansen (First to Fight)
  • “Home Front: Adding Naval Forces to First to Fight” (Variant)  E. Goodwin and Frank Watson (First to Fight)
  • Battlefield Report: First to Fall Replay #1” (Series Replay) Scott Sanders and Frank Watson (First to Fight)
  • “Play Aids: First to Fight Expanded Sequence of Play” (Variant) Martin Duke (First to Fight)
  • Europa Aloft: Neither Fish nor Fowl – The PZL P.23 Karas” (Historical) Jason Long
  • “Home Front: Proposed Variable Overrun” (Variant Discussion) David Tinny
  • “Home Front: Alternative Overrun Rule” (Variant) Tim Statler
  • “Home Front: Another Look at Overruns” (Variant Discussion) Jerome Carrie
  • “Home Front: Just Another Overrun Variant” (Variant) Frank Watson
  • “Historical Background: Polish Built Vehicles” (Historical) Frank Watson
  • “Home Front: Surprise in Grand Europa” (Variant Discussion) Chris Riegel
  • “Home Front: Integrate the Naval Phase!” (Discussion) Dean Moon
  • Europa Side Trips: At the Movies” (Historical)
  • The Great War Times: Principle Battles of WWI – Part 1: Western Front” (Discussion) Eric Pierce (March to Victory/Over There)
  • “Battlefioeld Report: First to Fall Replay #3” (Series Replay) Bill Gibbs (First to Fight)
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary) Readership