Orkney Islands

In the pre-dawn light, RAF ground crews prepare their charges for an attack on Stavanger. Agents in the port have broadcast that KM ships are present and a raid is determined as the best method of welcoming these newcomers to the fighting. With Beaufighters and Sunderlands escorted by P-51s, the RAF flys low and swiftly over the ocean. Outside of Stavanger they rise to attack height, faced by a wall of AA and the FW 190A2 fighters protecting the area. The FWs are too fast for the P-51s, and the Beaufighters are attacked. The British crews draw everything out of their heavy fighters, twisting in the air to avoid the superior German planes. The Germans fail to damage the incoming fighters and suffer enough casulties for them to concede the battle and return to their airfields for resupply. The Beaufighters are not so fortunate when they face the AA barrier and they are in turn forced to return to the Orkneys. The unwieldy Sunderlands, however, slip through the AA umbrella and coolly drop their payloads with great accuracy on the Scharnorst, hitting her amidships and reducing her fighting ability.
(P51 fails to hit the FW 190A2, which fails to hit the Bf 6C who in return fire sends the FW 190A2 back to base!! Port attack – 1 hit on the Scharnorst)


Engineer units quickly construct a temporary airfield to allow air units to be stationed in the area. Soldiers swear blue murder when they are told they will remain in place to maintian it at operational readiness.
(No idea why this was done – it was never used through out the game. Kept a construction unit busy though)

Throughout Norway

Royal Marines and Commandos are pulled out of the front line and returned to Scotland, replaced by units transported across the North Sea. News of this event causes panic amongst the Germans who have to be wary of further landings in their rear.


The US 34 XX forms at Mosjoen and pushes back the last surviving regiment of the 69 XX defending Moll Rana. Along side it, the Norwegian Mtn II overruns the the CD defending that sector of the coast.
(5:1, -2 results in DE)


The main battle erupts with the 15 Scottish XX, 2nd and 3rd Cdn XXs, massive artillery support and Naval Gunfire smashing the hapless 196 XX. The troops easily cross the river defence line – after crossing the North Sea, a piffling river is no obstacle the Allies. To the south of this battle, the 52 Mtn XX attcks into the mountains, their opponents the weak and poorly trained 702 Static XX. With air support from the Carrier groups who have returned to Trondhiem and USAAF air units at Trondhiem, the Germans are chased back over a dozen miles by the British mountaineers. This battle secures the bridgehead’s southern flank.
(9:1, -2 results in DE)

Somewhere in the North Sea

The German Northern Fleet slips undetected out of the Narvik Fjord, its mission to locate the Allied Carrier groups operating off the coast, believed to be somewhere off Trondhiem. For several days they search undetected, but fail to find their foes and return to Narvik frustrated
(Reaction movement by KM fails)

HQ German Commander in Chief – Norway

Orders are made up for returning to service some of the damaged Luftwaffe units to attempt to cut the Allied sea lines. Ju 88s are hurriedly repaired and crews reformed from the survivors of the previous two weeks.


Troops of the 199 XX disembark at the port of Bodo from LCs from Narvik. Their role is to support the remnants of the 69 XX against the Americans futher to the south. The plan is to prepare defences in the mountains outside of Moll Rana, making it impossible for the Allies to advance further north and tie down troops while the mighty hammer blows of National Socialism destroy the Allied Bridgehead from the South. As the LCs return to Narvik, they receive reports from long range weather boats further out in the North sea of poor weather.