Axis Player Turn

In Italy a little bit of panic sets in on the east coast. Troops scurry north to cower behind the Bifurno River, leaving Foggia undamaged in the rapid retreat! The HG XX continues to defend Salerno while the 16th Pz takes up positions in the mountains west of Benevento. In Spain an attack to dislodge the Gds XX from Vitoria fails badly and the German attackers are forced to retreat back to San Sebastian. Elsewhere in the Iberian Peninsula the Spanish army mills about trying to get its act together. It fails.

Allies Player Turn

The Gds and 11th Arm Xxs drive on the 3rd PzG and an attached Infantry XX currently blocking the coastal advance to San Sebastian. With Canadian infantry support the Germans are beaten badly (EX) and captured when the are unable to retreat (ZoC scam). Seville is taken in an Exchange while Leon, Pamplona, Almeria and Cartagena taken. The blocking force at Tarragona lashes out at a Spanish stack to the north and destroys it (courtesy of halved Spanish strength). Meanwhile a powerful Motorised Infantry force begins the march along the coast from Valencia to relieve the beachhead.

In Italy an attempt is made on the Bifurno River but it is beaten back by the 44th HuD XX.