S, S, S, M, M, C, C

Axis Player Turn

The area around Barcelona is abandoned and a pull back made to the prepared fortifications along the French border. the Pyrenees high passes are garrisoned and the Germans thumb there noses at the British, daring them to try and take them on. In Italy the Germans remain at the Garigliano, much to the relief of the Allied commander who had visions of some wild dash to Taranto.

Allied Player Turn

In Italy the Polish form up and allow the US units to return to the east coast. Massive airstrikes are launched on the rail lines of Northern Italy, virtually severing it from France and diverting construction units from construction of the Po River defence belt.

At San Sebastian, the Allies feel cocky enough to try and get and early break in the defences. Four stacks of units attack the German stack 32 miles south of the town defending in wooded rough terrain. massive Air support is called out but they are stunned when the German Strategic reserve reacts and enters the battle. Caught by surprise there is insufficient escorts to prevent the Allied bombers and attack craft being torn to shreds by the Luftwaffe. The only saving grace is the fighter versus fighter battles puts a number of German fighters into the abort and killed boxes. The lack of Air support makes the defenders virtually invulnerable and the attack is stalled in the mud and woods of the lower Pyrenees.