C, C

Axis Player Turn

In Italy 35 REs worth of units arrive from the South East. The Allied commander groans and curses his recklessness the turn before. The reinforcements are mainly SS Mountain, Lt Infantry, Cavalry, engineers and artillery. The forts along the Po are manned and Florence abandoned. Troops in the west scuttle to Torino and a shield is thrown around Bologna. RSI Static units are positioned as speed bumps in the way of the Allies.

In France a Westwall Emergency is declared (British in Dijon) and a general retreat is begun from the Loire, Brittany, Normandy to the prepared line of fortifications along the Seine River. C/M units (assorted SS and Heer riff raf) head to Dijon while a temporary stop line is set up around Orleans to slow the British advance. Overhead the remnants of the LW rebase into Germany while positional AA takes up posts in the Westwall itself, ready to provide cover for the planned defenders.

Allied Player Turn

The US begins to lurch out of the beachhead (rapidly in danger of becoming a beached whale) by forcing the defenders of St Omer back and seizing the town. The Orleans stop line is shattered as some cadres are destroyed by advancing British units who now have Paris in their eyes. At Dijon a joint Canadian/British attack pushes the SS defenders back but fails to make a significant breakthrough. Every where British units push ahead to catch the retreating Germans but are delayed by blown bridges and carefully placed rear guards.

In Italy Turin falls to a British Corp while a fratricidal battle occurs between RSI Static troops and Allied Italians (supported by the Poles) and a nasty EX results. Elsewhere a German Infantry stack is eaten up by a polygot force of Poles, NZ, SA, British, Indians and US west of Mantova. This attack allows a turning of the Po River line and traps the German 2nd Pz XX in Brescia. In the exploitation phase, US units seize Modena, trapping units in Bologna and breaking the heart of the German commander.

In France, the exploiting British overrun units in the southern part of the Seine line (not fortified) and wheel north to arrive just outside the city of Paris.