C, C

Axis Player Turn

Italy – a retreat is made to behind the prepared forts of the Piave River and into the mountains around Trento, but several units are unable to make the safety of the defences and are left behind to face the Allied juggernaut.

France – all available units are sent to the Westwall, German High Command is facing a crisis with only a few units available for manning the forts between Strasburg and Luxembourg. Wehrkreis V and XII are called to arms and sent into the Westwall positions. A new line is set up in Belgium with all C/M units in the area making it safely to the positions but many units are left dotted in the landscape of MR 1, 2 and 6. Paris and Lille are declared Festungs by Berlin and orders are issued for every man to fight to the last and turn the cities into deathtraps for the Allies. To threaten the British advance a Pz/PzG group gathers just outside Luxembourg.

Allied Player Turn

Massive waves of Allied fighter and bomber support swarm across northern France. The US Army flexes it muscle and attack Brussels, Gent, St Niklaas, Dunkirk, Lille and mop up numerous units in MR 1 and 2. Brussels holds but most other units are destroyed by the Americans. The numerous losses of US dog-faces is ignored by Churchill who merely swigs more brandy and points at his US RP pool. British units drive on Amien and link hands with the advancing US forces. In Paris Canadians and British forces supported by the funnies of 79th Armoured XX seize two hexes of the French capital, accidentally shelling the Eiffel tower into oblivion in the massive artillery bombardment. Sacre bleu! A large gap has developed between the seperate arms of the British advance from Paris to Nancy and several units struggle to find good defensive positions in case of a German counter-attack. The British abandon Luxembourg and swing south to cover the Franco-British Assault on Baden-Baden and Colmar. The Canadian Armoured Corp arrives in Nancy to provide a mobile reserve and exploitation force.

Crossing the Rhine

The French attack over the river relying on long range fighter and bomber support. Luckily the weak German Reserve and Training units are no match for the Goums of Algeria and the town is seized for some minor French losses (HX). At Colmar the British are repulsed by storng defences for minimal losses but in conjunction with another French Corp, the British 7th Armoured XX crosses the Rhine into Mulhouse after destroying some weak German units armed with pea shooters and hope. The Rhine and Westwall are breached beyond repair.

In Italy, the US Army mops up the rearguards and takes Vicenzia and Treviso. Units are shuffled about and the thin crust of forces around Trento are eyed speculatively. Indian and Polish mountain troops announce they are up to the task of attacking into Austria…..

Exploitation Phase

The gap yawning between Nancy and Paris is partially filled and a lose net thrown across the front line, the main hope is that the Germans are more concerned with defending what they hold that any death or glory charge by the remaining C/M units in Belgium. The French Armoured Corp goes slightly crazy and overruns their way into Karlsrue and Mannheim, catching a bomber fleet on the ground and destroying it. The Canadians, British and Indians expand the bridgehead further while at Mulhouse the Czechs, Tank Brigades and AA IIIs slip over the river into the Black Forset, where they are promptly lost and need to follow a trail of breadcrumbs.