Apr I 38

The weather is now clear everywhere.

Insurgent Player Turn.

The Nationalist Ju.52 is rebuilt. The Cac XX converts to the 16 XX.
Insurgent air units continue to launch raids, now in the north as well as the south. At Gijon, a KL He45 is aborted by AA fire. At Murcia, an escorting Nationalist CR-32 is killed by an I-15 but manages to abort its opponent. Loyalist AA guns score a victory here as well, aborting a Nationalist R0-37.

An attack is launched south of the Tajo into difficult, mountainous terrain (hex 2616). An advance here will clear the flank of the drive on Madrid and threaten the flank of the Loyalist offensive to the south. Despite GS, the terrain proves to much for the attackers and they are thrown back (3:1 -3 = AR).

Loyalist Turn.

The French border is closed again. An I-16 is rebuilt. The Loyalists follow the retreating Rebels across the Tajo and launch an attack against the 54 XX (hex 2415) to isolate the 4 Urg XXX at Talavera de la Reina. Pressing forward despite losses, they destoy the 54 XX and cut off the force at Talavera de la Reina (3:1 -1 = HX) (ZOC kill).

Continuing the offensive, the People’s Army attacks the 1 Mad XX (hes 2719). A disastrous showing in the air (both I-16’s aborted, 1 by the KL Me109B and 1 by a Nationalist CR-32) allows heavy DAS for the Insurgents, resulting in a botched attack (3:2 0 = AR). However, a renewed attack an the 14 XX (hex 3018), with the Insurgent air engaged further north, smashes the Rebel division (6:1 -2 = DE).

Apr II 38

No change in the weather.

Insurgent Turn.

Th KL He 45 is rebuilt. In yet another air raid on Gijon, an I-15 manages to kill a Nationalist CR32 escorting the bombers, which fail to hit any targets. The 4 Urg XXX attempts to break out of encirclement. Attacking (hex 2516) with help from units outside the pocket and air units flying support, it is able to extricate itself and in the process destroys the PA 47 XX ( 5:1 0 = DR) (ZOC Kill).

Loyalist Turn.

An 1-16 is rebuilt. The aerial victory over the CR32 at Gijon has left the Insurgent bombers based at Oviedo without any fighter protection. Trying to exploit this, the I-15 based at Gijon attempts to bomb the Insurgent airbase, but is aborted by AA fire.

Two attacks are made attempting to clear the flanks of the attack alonf the rail line. North of the rails,the 6 Nav XX is attacked (hex 2619). Both sides throw in a lot of planes. A large air battle breaks out, but the fighters on neither side accomplish much. Both sides manage to get their close support aircraft thru. The fact that the Loyalist troops are attacking across the river prevents a successful assault (2:1 -1 = AR). To the south, the 15 XX is attacked (hex 2919). Despite only Insurgent aircraft appearing over the battlefield here, the defenders are not protected by a river line and are pushed back (4:1 -1 = DR).