Mar I 38

The weather reverts to the same pattern as at the start of February–mud in the north and clear in the south.

Insurgent Player Turn.

The Nationalist RO-37 and CTV SM-79 are rebuilt. In yet another air raid on Madrid, an escorting KL Me109B kills an I-16. Making a desperate attempt to prevent the iniative from passing entirely to the Loyalists, the Insurgents launch an attack on the 2nd XXX (hex 2516) along the Madrid rail line. The Loyalists are pushed back but are able to withdraw in good order (3:1 -1 = DR).

Loyalist Turn.

The I-16 is rebuilt. The spring offensive begins in a most inauspicious manner, as Insurgent forces repulse the initial attack (hex 2818) (2:1 0 = AS). Some Loyalists air units had provided GS, but Insurgent DAS was also an important factor in the battle. No counter attack is possible along the Madrid rail line at this time.

Mar II 38

No change in the weather.

Insurgent Turn.

An air raid on Murcia results in the loss of the Mxd T unit, killed by an I-15 which bypassed an escorting Nationalist CR-32.

The Insurgents follow up their earlier success with an assault on Talavera de la Reina. A wild air battle results as both sides attempt to provide close support. Honors in the air go to the Insurgents. A CTV CR-32 on CAP aborts an I-16 attempting to get to the bombers, and a KL Me109B bypasses escorting fighters to abort an R-Z. On the ground, the Insurgents again manage to push back the defenders, but the People’s Army is continues to fall back in good order (4:1 -2 = DR).

Loyalist Turn.

The French border is reopened. An I-15 is rebuilt. Despite the earlier setback and the fall of Talaver de la Reina, the Loyalist continue their offensive. Another big air battle erupts. This time, and I-16 is aborted by an escorting KL Me109B, but another I-16 gets past a Nationalist CR-32 and kills a Nationalist Ju.52. Therefore, no close support is available to either side in the ensuing ground attack. (The loss of the R-Z has left the Loyalists with only fighters operational, while other Insurgent aircraft were otherwise busy; see below.) The Loyalists are able to advance against the 2 Av XX (hex 2718) (3:1 -1 = DR.) Further south (hex 3018) a strong attack is stopped by the 14 XX and aircraft flying DAS (5:1 -2 = AS).