The German Sept II turn is now done and this time the Russians lost 98 factors (mostly infantry, little if any armor) and the Germans lost none. The Russian AA/fighters aborted six germans in the South, aborted enough transports in the center to foil an attempted airdrop into the city (can we say St. Marie Eglise?) and shot down a German fighter and aborted two others
in the north. The action, as always by army group, was as follows:

AGN: two more hexes were gained in the slog towards Leningrad. The finns sat quietly waiting for Hango to surrender and the Russians to thin out their lines.

AGC: The pocket created by last turn’s breakthrough near Moscow was destroyed as a huge bulge was formed with it’s face deadset against the Moscow city limits. Lots and lots of Russian troops are defending the city, so no quick fall is forecast.

AGS: Karkov, Dnjepopetrovsk, and Zaporozhe all fell to German attacks as the panzer columes continued to push against little or no opposition. But, there is a solid line in the distance.