Here’s the update for our FITE/SE game, in a fit of energy, we have completed
everything through the Jan I 1942 turn:

AGN: It has been snowing here since November and it won’t let up until March at
the earliest.  Two massive air raids on Leningrad resulted in just two hits
on Russian BB’s, one of which was subsequently repaired. The Russians
pulled out of three hexes to make a straight line just a few hexes short of
the city. Two attacks on the line were repulsed, one with an AS and the
other with an AR.  Oddly, the Soviet general chose not to advance into the
clear terrain hexes vacated by the AR, Stalin has summoned him for
consultations. Meanwhile, in the North, the Russians launched a massive
assault against the Finns having about a 3-1 overall superiority on that
front.  So far, through January I, they have cadred a 5-6 and a 6-6 division.

AGC: Well, when it’s Moscow behind you, it’s time to stand and fight.  The Germans
launched a huge assault with 76 factors with a good chance at a 4-1,
however, the winter training is not all that it should have been and, no
doubt due to an ambush, the Germans were spanked with an AH wiping out a
complete armor and two complete infantry divisions for a total of 36 points.
The Germans did learn something about the new style of warfare and the
next turn, Jan I, rolled an EX and a HX for a total of 24 points of losses
for 36 Soviet dead.

AGS: Sevastopol fell to a German assault on November II.  The defenders, no doubt
inspired by the heroic example set by a NKVD battalion, stood to the last
and refused to retreat.  The requirement to thus dig them out house by
house resulted in an EX (not too many factors, this was a small battle).  A
soviet light cruiser was sighted and bombed.  One bomb found it’s way to
the magazine and the ship exploded.  Otherwise, AGS merely repaired rail
lines and moved forward.