Europa Games and Military History

May and June 1942

In the early summer of ’42, the Germans took a few hexes near Leningrad using the Eastern special forces unit to launch one daring surprise attack about one month after it had failed. The Finns launched a few local attacks on the “seven hex” line killing a couple of Russian divisions and artillery units as the Russians gathered to finally push to Helsinki.

In the center, again, a few hexes were taken and some losses caused but nothing dramatic.

Behind the lines, one turn saw a dramatic attempt by Nazi Sky Gangsters to sieze unoccupied Soviet
replacement cities. This lead to hours of haggling about the rules of war, the Geneva Convention
etc…until the Germans finally attempted to land on Baku, rolled a one (the only bad roll) and it was promptly forgotten.

As for losses, in June I the Russians lost 80 factors and the Germans 24. In June II, the Russians lost 70 and the Germans 7.


  1. Bruce Peddie

    What about the German drive on Moscow with just armor? How did that work out?

    • chef

      Hi there – I am afraid you need to contact the author about the results of that drive – if he is still in the Europa-Mailinglist I would start there.
      Best Regards!

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