We have completed the JUL II turn and the Soviets lost 105 factors (about 1/2 isolated) to very few for the Germans. But, Russian counter attacks in the south did kill two combat engineer units and a motorized antitank unit in the north. The Russians also managed to bomb a temporary german airfield near leningrad and abort to JU-87’s. Also, almost all rail lines west of the Russian front line are wrecked. Here is the breakdown of the action by front:

AGN: Narva was captured and the Germans went on to advance to the gates of Luga and Novgorod and clear out the woods east of Dno. The Russians are frantically building their first line of entrenchments, but some northwest of Novgorod arn’t done yet and are likely to be the subject of intense fighting in the next turn. The Russians did bomb a temporary airbase northeast of Pskov and abort two Ju-87s.

AGC: The frontier armies were eliminated and AGC moved eastwards. Not much exciting, just lots of repairing raillines and mopping up delaying forces left behind by the Russians.

AGS: The Dnieper was breached both north and south of Kiev and the noose tightend around Odessa. Russian supplies were ferried in with a light crusier (I think) taking a hit from German sea patrols. AGS also has just about finished clearing up the final border armies that remain from the JUN II turn.