Axis player Turn

A single attack is made along the coast to try and link up with the isolated forces. It is a total disaster and more ground is lost due to local unit commander negligence (at least that’s what the high command claimed 4:1 -2 = AR!). To deflect local criticism of the regime, demands are made to Yugoslavia that free access for Italian troops be allowed to outflank the Greek line. Belgrade is outraged and declares it is entering a state of armed neutrality. The British High Commission entertains Serbian Generals with a wine and cheese night and slide show of burnt out Italian tanks in North Africa. In response the Italians move several formations into northern Albania. The Reichstag issues a statement that it is taking note of the Balkan actions and will be issuing a suitable diplomatic response in the near future.

Allied Player Turn

The Greeks celebrate the latest Italian woes by surrounding and destroying the starving pocket of troops around Arta (5;1 -2 = HX). The loss of several motorised forces is a serious blow to the Italians, especially in terms of VPs. In Yugoslavia, the mobilization response is slow. Serbia mobilizes two Divisions in the Backa region while Montenegro forms up two units that rush to the Albanian border. Only in the Bosnia-Herzogovina highlands is there any enthusiastic response with four Divisions heading to Zara and Montenegro. Slovenia, Croatia and Kosovo/Macedonia are hostile to Belgrade’s pro-allied stance.