Initial phase: Weather rolls result in mud in D, clear in E, with clear seas in the Med. The Metaxas line garrison is met, so Greek units may now freely pass over the Strimon. Minor reinforcements arrive on the islands in the Aegean. The Allied high command again elects to call up the Well 1C out of the mid-east (-1 VP)

Mov‘t phase: Things are more eventful in the air and on the sea than in the mud of northern Greece, but only just. First, an unescorted air raid with British Blenheims is launched against the port of Rodi, out of Khania. The Italian Mxd F rises up to meet the challenge, but in air to air both units miss (F rolls 10, B rolls 6). Italian AA is equally inept, failing to drive back the aggressors (10 on the 1 column.) Fortunately, the British bombers are stricken by the sites of the ancient citadel of the Knights of the Temple, and fail to score a hit against the port while taking snapshots. Next, one rgt of Greek mountain troops loads at Khania, with the Greek AF flying CAP, and moves around to western Greece to the port of Amalias. (This port is later determined to be illegal for Greek shipping, as it sits on the central med, which the allies are not allowed to enter. We later declare these successful evasions of the the Italian fleet and press ahead.) A second loads on the island of Samos. This is in range of Italian air units on naval patrol at Rodi, so an air raid is launched to catch the Greeks just as they complete loading, but prior to their nighttime departure.
Unfortunately, the Italian bombers get lost in the deepening twilight and fail to make contact (1 rolled).

On the ground, units directly behind the main line of resistance move up, while those further back admin towards the front. The heaviest concentration of Greek troops is in the mountains northwest of Ioannina and 2 hexes just east of this position. Along the last row of mountain hexes before the valley of Phlorina the Greeks are weakest. This is the point at which the Italians are strongest, but there is little chance of any Italian success given Mussolini‘s lack of mountain troops and the poor terrain and weather. Admin‘d troops make up a second line along the length of the valley. Both sides appear to be settling in for a long campaign to come.

Combat phase: The Italians fly a number of DAS missions, mostly to ensure no surprises, though it is expected no attacks will be launched in the mud. Still, the Greek command could get one 3:1 -2, though it would be launched by the single largest stack of Greek troops which are blocking the road to the road juncture at Ioannina. Mussolini judges the risk the Greeks will launch such an attack as minimal, considering the one in three chance of an AR or the dreaded AH, which would be an unmitigated disaster for the Allied high command. Elsewhere only 2:1 -2‘s are available. As expected by the Italian high command, no attacks are launched.

Exploit phase: The called up Well 1C launches a another port raid, this time against Rodi, no doubt due to the distance to Albania and the poor weather in that region. Both AA and the bombing attempt are misses (9 and 1 respectively.)

Nov II Italian Player Turn:

Initial Phase: A pair of forts are begun in the mud, one at Koritsa and the other in the mountain hex along the road leading to Ioannina. 1 ARP is spent to bring back the aborted fighter from the Thessalonike raid.

Mov‘t phase: Little but some line shuffling is accomplished, in preparation for the possibility of winter/snow weather next turn.
Planes remain on stand-by in case of DAS.

Combat phase: The Allied high command launches no DAS, and no attacks are made by the Italians.

Exploit phase: Three fighters launch airfield attacks against Larissa , where the Greek bombers are currently based. AA misses all three, and the 2 0 pt fighters combine to make a single attack against the airfield and air unit, likewise missing. The MC.200 with 1 pt (+1, halved) however rolls a 6 and sends the Greek bombers to the boneyard (aborted.)

Another large air op is launched against Athenai, including all Italian bombers from all locations. Five bombers reach Athenai, and the 1 pt AA is insufficient to drive any of the offenders away (though they get very close!). Obviously the AA scared the Italian pilots, as their strategic terror bombing attacks result in only 1 hit (2 would have been average.)

At end of game turn: The Italians collect another 5 Vps for hexes, plus the one for the terror bombing hit against Athenai, bringing their total to 18. The Allies currently have -2.