Allied Player Turn

Weather: A 4 is rolled, so winter arrives in the mountains of northern Greece, while the mud arrives in the south.

Initial Phase: More minor Greek reinforcements arrive, while the 4 Mtn X converts to the 15 Mtn Div. Due to poor weather (most likely), the Well C is not called up this turn. Neither side flies CAP or harassment. Three bomber units on Rodi go on naval patrol. The 10th Greek inf III, trapped on Kerkyra for 4 turns now without supply and isolated, gives up the ghost by failing its first U-4 survival check.

Mov‘t Phase: A few minor tweeks along the Greek lines, while units immediately behind join them. The Greek high command has decided to put pressure on the western part of the Italian lines, Greek stacks ranging from 13 to 16 points in this sector. Six or 7 points are in the east.

The last of regiment of the 5th Mtn XX on Crete departs, using AEG‘s naval loading/mov‘t gambit. It and its brethren continue mov‘t along the west coast of Greece. The Keph static brigade loads on another NTP, but remains in port at this time.

Combat phase: Italian analysis reveals that the Greeks can do no better than 2:1 -1 anywhere along the mountain portion of the MLR. The western most hex has only 6 pts of defense however (due to the increased combat mods, since for the Italians it is safer to be in rough than mountains thanks to Greek mountain proficiency.) Here, the Greek high command tentatively has a 5:1 -2 attack. All available DAS flies in support of this hex. Italian DAS is greatly enhanced by the recent arrival of the Ju87‘s despite the departure of a number of Italian bombers currently on Rodi. After DAS, the limited Allied GS available (1 bomber, 1 tac point) can bring the odds up to no better than 3:1 -2. Even so, the Greek high command decides that if they are to gain back any Greek territory they must attack. The attack starts off inauspiciously, with Greek counter DAS AA failing to drive back any of the three planes flying in support of the Italians. The final attack goes go in at 3:1 -2 (a 3 in 6 chance for a positive result, but a 2 in 6 of either an AR or the dreaded AH.) Greek mountain units attack despite snow and poor terrain, and get a 6 for their efforts. The Italians, obviously expecting the attack, fight a successful fighting withdrawal (result is DR, with no losses to either side.)

Exploit phase: The Keph brigade travels along the Greek coast via naval mov‘t, with the intended mov‘t to bring them to Athenai under cover of darkness and protected by Greek fighters stationed there.
Unfortunately, Italian bombers on Rodi have a small window to strike and attempt to do so at hex 15:1415. The Z.506b float plane bombers fail to locate the target (+3 for calm seas, -4 for distance, a 6 being required). Surprisingly, the Mxd B unit in the garrison‘s forces rolls said 6 and finds the unit‘s transports ducking in and out of safe spots along the coastline. Two points of flak fails to drive off the offending bombers, and in a fit if pique, the Italians show their mettle by successfully rolling yet another 6 and putting the unit and NTP into the dead pile.

Italian Player turn

Initial phase: Little of significance occurs, with another Italian Mtn XX showing up for service in Albania, along with some German Ju52‘s.

Mov‘t phase: The reinforcing mtn XX ships to Valona without incident, and then moves overland down the coast road to help out along the front where the Greeks appear to be concentrating. The 5 Pst Alp XX moves into the line at 26:3705 as that appears to be the most threatened hex at this point (now able to be attacked from 3 sides, this unit brings the hex up to 13 def points, which should prevent anything better than a 3:1, and perhaps less.) One regiment of a broken down infantry XX moves into the line with the retreating forces from the Greek attack, along with the Albanian 1st Inf X, bring hex 3706 up to 9 points. Since it can now only be attacked from a single hex, a 2:1 -1 should be the limits of Greek attack ability on the western flank of the Italian line.
The other broken down III moves up Kerkyra and crosses the straight, while the HQ moves from Valona down the coast road so the unit can form back up next turn. Finally, the SM marine II admins up to Koritsa, then catches a ride by air from the Ju52‘s to Rodi for a possible assault in the Aegean.

In the air, with no ability to attack in the mountains and poor weather, the Italians instead choose to focus on bombing. Four bombing raids are launched on rail hexes to further limit Greek rail mov‘t. One hit is achieved by a combination of MC.200 fighers and SM.81‘s just west of Thessalonike, on the western side of the Axios. The „extra“ bombers on Rodi return to Albania as part of this mov‘t. Finally the Mxd B attempts to bomb the port of Mytilene on Lesbos, but fails to achieve any appreciable damage.

Combat & Exploit phases: Nothing occurs, literally!

End of game turn: The Italians collect 4 Vps for their hexes in Greece, bring the totals to 27 to -3. All in all, while Mussolini is perturbed by the recent successful Greek counter-attack and the failure of his mighty military to reduce Greece to a client state, the Italian high command is well pleased.