At the start of their initial phase Soviets roll a 3 on the weather die roll: it’s Snow everywhere on map 35; it’s rough seas in the Arctic, calm seas in the Baltic. Also, per Rule 41G3d-NTO Scenario: End to Russo-Finnish War, beginning with the Feb I 40 Soviet initial phase, “…the Soviet player checks to see if his war with Finland ends.” To accomplish this Finland must must tally “at least 25 demoralization points [DPs].” In the Feb I 40 Soviet initial phase the Soviets currently “own” 8 Finnish point cities: Petsamo (0304), Allakurtti (1508), Salla (1510), Kuusamo (2010), Kumo (2912), Ilomantsi (3711), Soujarvi (4008), and Pitkaranta (4310). They also currently “own” one Mannerheim Line hex: 4717. This tallies to 10 Finnish DPs. Also, in their initial phase the Soviets have 8 remaining ARPs. In the Soviet replacement pool there is an I-16/t10 F type air unit in the eliminated box and an I-152 F type air unit in the abort box.

At the end of the movement phase the dispositions of the Soviet forces north of the A weather line are as follows:

Petsamo (rough terrain Arctic Ocean minor port hex 0304): winterized 4-6 Inf XX 104, never moved; a garrison requirement

Murmansk (rough terrain Arctic Ocean major port and rail terminal hex 0701): 3-6 Inf XX 49, pos flk factor, the I-15 F type air unit, 1-pt DD TF Flotilla-1, all forces never moved; the inf XX fulfills a garrison requirement

Salla (woods road junction hex 1510): 4-6 Inf XX 14, moved back here from 1512; functions as a garrison. This unit has done all it can for the USSR; the victor of a ground attack on the Kandalaksha-Salla-Torino transportation line, conqueror of Salla and Allakurtti (1508), it now settles into being the USSR’s stout front line barrier on this important transportation route in what appears to be the end game period of the Winter War. Westwards down the road from it, the Finnish 1-6 Ski III 41 at Kemijarvi (1514) is behind a frozen full lake hexside and beyond the Soviet supply line limit north of the A weather line in snow weather.

Allakurti (wooded rough road border hex 1508 inside Finland): 1-6 Inf III 19, never moved; garrison

Wooded rough road border hex 1507 inside the USSR: 0-1-5 Const X 7, admin moved from 1604

Wooded rough White Sea coast rail terminus hex 1605: winterized 1-2-6 Inf X Dol, railed in from 5008

Wooded swamp road hex 1810: 1-6 Inf III 529, regular moves southwards 3 hexes from Salla down uncontrolled hexes towards Kuusamo

Kuusamo (woods road junction hex 2010): 4-6 Inf XX 163, never moved; functions as a garrison

Kestenga (wooded swamp s. rail terminus/road hex 2017 w/ 1-cap permanent airstrip): winterized 1-6 Inf III 8 A, admin moved from Ukhta; I-152 F type air unit, never moved

Loukhi (wooded rough Murmansk railway White Sea coast hex 2014 w/ 1-cap permanent airstrip): 3-6 Inf XX 51 and the winterized 1-2-6 Inf X BOS, both are railed in reinf from SE Leningrad hex 5114; I-152 F type air unit, never moved

Woods road border hex 2510, inside USSR: 0-5 Const III 9, never moved. This unit spends another 5 MPs in the hex to complete a 1-cap temporary airfield begun here the previous turn and adding 2 MPs to the next cap build level. Also in the hex is the 4-6 Inf XX 54, never moved, here guarding the 0 strength const III against Finnish guerrillas.

Woods road hex 2509: 3-6 Inf XX 33, admin moved down the road from 2603

Ukhta (woods road junction hex 2508 w/ 3-cap permanent airfield): 4-6 Inf XX 81, admin moved from 2703; G-1, G-2, and TB-3 T type air units. The three T type air units attempt another supply point airdrop at hex 3010 five hexes to the SW just inside Finland, but all 6 airdropped supply points are scattered.

Kuhmo (woods road hex 2912): winterized 1-6 Inf III 88/273 and the 2-6 Art X 45, never moved and at least one RE a Soviet garrison for Kuhmo; both are black U-4

Forest/woods road hex 3011: 1-8 Pltcl Pol III 5, never moved, black U-1

Forest/woods road border hex 3111 inside Finland: winterized 4-6 Inf XX 3, never moved

Wooded swamp border hex 3010 inside Finland: 0-5 Const III 8 and the 1-2-6 MG X 7 A, both spend 4 MPs to move off-road one hex from 3110; The const III spends its last MP in the hex beginning building a 1-cap temporary airfield here.

Rugozero (wooded intermittent lake s. rail terminus/road hex 3106): 3-6 Ind XX 19, railed and admin moved in from 5009.

In the combat phase for the second Soviet turn in a row the winterized 4-6 Inf XX 3 at 3111 attacks the 1-6 Ski X Kymen guerrilla unit at forest border hex 3211, inside the USSR and right on the A weather line, at 8 to 1 -3 and rolls a 1: DR. The Finnish ski X guerrilla retreats to Lieksa (3312); this time the Soviet winterized inf XX advances into hex 3211 after combat. This move will make it black U-1 in the next Finnish initial phase.

At the end of the movement phase the dispositions of the Soviet ground units in the Ladogan Karelia are as follows:

Woods hex 3510: winterized 3-6 Inf XX 142, from 3609

Forest hex 3611: two 4-6 Inf XX 18 and 50, never moved

Woods hex 3610: 3-6 Inf XX 122, never moved

Woods road hex 3711: 4-8 Mot Inf XX 44 and 1-6 Lt AA III 8, never moved

Forest/woods road border hex 3709 inside Finland: 1-2-6 Para-Inf X 214, from 3710

Wooded swamp road hex 3707: 3-6 Inf XX 60, railed and admin moved in from 5009

Woods rail hex 3812: 3-6 Inf XX 56, from 3811

Woods hex 3811: 3-6 Inf XX 1 FNA, from 4111

Wooded intermittent lake hex 3810: 3-6 Inf XX 113, from 3707; 2-1-8 Lt Arm X 1, never moved

Woods rail hex 3912: 3-6 Inf XX 155, from 3911

Woods L. Janis coast hex 3911: 3-2-8 Arm X 28, from 3811

Woods L. Janis coast hex hex 4012: 4-6 Inf XX 11, from 4011

Woods L. Janis coast hex 4010: 1-2-8 Para-Inf X 201, from 4110

Soujarvi (wooded intermittent lake s. rail border hex 4008 inside Finland): 1-8 Cav III 1, from 3909

Woods rail junction hex 4112: winterized 4-6 Inf XX 168, two 3-2-8 Arm Xs 20 and 34, all from 4111

Woods s. rail junction L. Janis coast hex 4111: 3-6 Inf II 62, admin moves from 4109

Woods s. rail border hex 4108 inside Finland: 3-6 Inf XX 86, railed and admin moved in from 5009

Sortavala (clear terrain L. Ladoga coast rail hex 4211): 3-6 Inf XX 139 and 3-2-8 Art X 8, both from 4210; 3-2-8 Arm X 13 and 2-6 Art X 56, both from 4311

W. end of Valamo Island hex 4312: 3-6 Inf XX 136, never moved

E. end of Valamo Island hex 4311: 3-6 Inf XX 72, from 4509

Pitkaranta (woods s. rail terminus/road L. Ladoga coast hex 4310): 1-2-8 Para-Inf X 204, from 4410

Wooded swamp L. Ladoga coast road hex 4508: 2-3-6 Inf XX 1FNA, from 4309

Wooded swamp L. Ladoga coast Murmansk railway hex 4908: freshly converted 1-8 Pltcl Pol III 6, admin moved from Pitkaranta.

In the combat phase the 3-6 Inf XX 122 at 3610 attacks the Finnish dummy guerrilla unit at woods hex 3511, across the Lake Keitele frozen full lake hexside. The dummy guerrilla unit retreats automatically successfully before combat resolution per Rule 39B2-Guerrilla Mode, and retreats to hex 3411, stacking there with the other Finnish dummy guerrilla unit on the map. The attacking Soviet inf XX advances into hex 3511 after combat.

Then the Finnish *2-6 Inf X 1 at forest/woods road hex 3712 is attacked from four hexes at 3812, 3811, 3711 (Ilomantsi), and 3611. The two SB-2 A type air units from Leningrad fly GS over the attacked hex, just in case the 3-6 Inf XX 1 FNA at 3811 punks out and attacks at half strength per Rule 38H4-FNA Unreliability. The two Soviet GS air units add their tac bombing strengths quartered: halved first for poor weather and halved again per the TEC for bombing into a forest hex. Also, the c/m 4-8 Mot Inf XX 44 attacking from Ilomantsi is halved per the TEC due to attacking into a forest hex. However the 1 FNA inf XX attack attempt rolls a 5 on the Success Table and attacks at full strength. In the end the Soviets attack the Finnish *2-6 Inf X 1 from four hexsides with a total of 17 1/2 factored attack factors, which equates to an 8 to 1 -3, which means automatic Elim (but not isolated due to the Finnish inf XX at adjacent hex 3612) for the defending Finnish unit. After combat the Soviet 4-6 Inf XX 18 at 3611 advances into hex 3712. The two SB-2’s return to base at Leningrad.

In the exploitation phase the 2-1-8 Lt Arm X 1 exploits into woods L. Keitele coast hex 3610 to deny it to possible guerrilla unit placement the next Finnish turn; and the 3-2-8 Arm X 28 exploits to 4012 to stack with and reinforce the 4-6 Inf XX 11 at this exposed position.

By the end of the movement phase in the important Karelian Isthmus zone the dispositions of the Soviet forces are as follows (the air unit dispositions are also for the end of the exploitation phase):

Wooded intermittent lake G. of Finland coast hex 4717: three 5-6 Inf XXs 24, 70, and 100, from 4716 1-6 Eng III 7, from 4716 1-6 Eng III 9, never moved 3-2-8 Art X 13, from 4815 3-2-8 Art X 7, from 4716 4-2-8 Art X LVO, from 4716 pos flk unit, never moved

Woods rail hex 4716: 9-6 Art XX 1, from 4816 two 4-6 Inf XXs 97 and 43, from 4717 1-8 Pltcl Pol III 2, from 4717 3-2-8 Arm X 24, from 4717 winterized *2-6 Marine X VMF/5, from NE Leningrad hex 4914 pos flk unit, from 4715

Woods hex 4715: two 4-6 Inf XXs 4 and 75, never moved two 3-2-6 [Heavy] Arm Xs 35 and 40, never moved 2-6 Art X 3, from 4814

Woods rail hex 4714: Note: This turn the Soviet corps marker here flips to its regular stacking side per Rule 38H2a-Reduced Stacking. Three 4-6 Inf XXs 52 and 123, never moved; 138 from 4814 two 2-6 Art Xs 23 and 34, never moved

Clear terrain L. Ladoga coast hex 4713: two 4-6 Inf XXs 41 and 90, never moved 2-6 Art X 40, reinf from NE Leningrad hex 4914

Clear terrain G. of Finland coast hex 4816: *1-2-8 Mot MG X 50, never moved three 3-2-8 Arm Xs 39, never moved; 32 and 51, from NW Leningrad hex 4915 2-6 Art X 50, from 4815

Clear terrain rail hex 4815: 4-8 Mot Inf XX 25, never moved 1-6 Eng III 7, from 4716 3-2-8 Arm X 38, reinf from NE Leningrad hex 4914 two 2-6 Art Xs 15 and 19, never moved

Woods hex 4814: 2-1-8 Eng Tank III LVO, reinf from NE Leningrad hex 4814 1-6 Eng III 13, reinf from NE Leningrad hex 4814; Note: for this reinf OB change see Gary Stagliano’s “A Winter War Additions” in Europa #61. 3-2-8 Art X 9, never moved 2-6 Art X 1, never moved 2-0-6 Siege Art X LVO, never moved

Woods road hex 4813: 4-6 Inf XX 17, never moved *0-1-0 FA X Kar, never moved

Isle of Kronshtadt (4916): 5-pt BB TF Marat 5-pt TF O. Rev two 1-6 Lt AA III 7, never moved; 14, reinf from central Leningrad hex 5014 I-153 two R-5Sh

NW Leningrad hex 4915: two 1-8 Pltcl Pol IIIs 4, never moved; 3, from 4716 4-6 Inf XX 84 reinf, never moved two SB-2 I-16/t17

NE Leningrad hex 4914: 1-8 Pltcl Pol III 1, admin moved from Soujarvi (4008) to Petrozavodsk (4305) and then railed in I-16 I-16/t17 SB-2bis

Central Leningrad full city hex 5014: resource point three SB-2bis

Eastern Leningrad hex 5013: three SB-2bis SW Leningrad hex 5115: DB-3m DB-3b
SE Leningrad hex 5114: 0-5 Const III 13, reinf, never moved DB-3m DB-3t

In the combat phase the Soviet stack at 4717 attacks the Finnish stack at clear terrain G. of Finland coast fort hex 4617. The Finns have a total of 9 def factors there and also a pos flk unit. The Soviets attack with a total of 27 attack factors with 1/7 combat eng capability, but with no plctl pol III. The odds tally to 3 to 1 -1 and the Soviets roll a 4, which modifies to probably the best results they could wish for: HX. The Finns flip their 5th Inf XX to its *1-2-6 Inf Cadre 5 and retreat both it and the pos flk unit into Viipuri (4517). The Finns place the three 0-1-6 Inf IIIs MLR, HL, and UR along with the 1-6 Inf III 40 into the replacement pool. The Soviets eliminate the two eng IIIs (per Rule 9J-Required Losses), the 3-2-8 Art X 7, and and flip to cadre the 5-6 Inf XX 24. The Soviets advance after combat all the surviving units attacking from 4717 into 4617: two 5-6 Inf XXs 13 and 70, the 1-6 Inf Cadre 24, the 3-2-8 Art X 13, the 4-2-8 Art X LVO, and the pos flk unit. In their exploitation phase the Soviets advance into the vacant hex 4717 the 4-8 Mot Inf 25 and the three 3-2-8 Arm Xs 32, 29, and 51.

Late in the exploitation phase the Soviets try a giant strat bombing raid per Rule 20G1c-Factories on the Finnish factory at Tampere (3825) using all seven available SB-2bis’, the two DB-3m’s, and the DB-3b and DB-3t air units. With no flack or fighter interceptor interfering, the air units are able to group unopposed into five 2 bombing strength and one 1 bombing strength die rolls on the Bombing Table. In the end they obtain two hits against the factory, one less than the three required to knock it out per Rule 37D-Factories.

Finally the two R-5Sh’s fly together to pinpoint bomb with their combined tac bombing factors the rail junction at Kouvola (4321) but fail to roll a 6 on the Bombing Table and miss.

At the end of the turn the Soviet 3-6 Inf XX 150 still remains at hex 4621 on the Isle of Suur, menacing from there the adjacent Finnish 0-1-6 Inf III KL across the frozen full sea hexside at Kotka (4521). The Soviet inf XX is currently black U-1. Two hexes to the south of it, across another frozen full sea hexside, is the evidently in supply Soviet 1-8 Cav III 5 at Tytar Is. (4820), guarding with its APZOC against possible guerrillas popping up in the Finnish G. of Finland island chain.

At Tallinn (4827) remain the pos flk unit, an I-153, and the I-16/t18.

At the at start permanent airfield at wooded swamp L. Ladoga coast road hex 4608 are still the R-10, an I-16/t10, and an I-16/t27. Petrozavodsk (4305) and Medezhyegorsk (3704) each have an I-16 air unit.