The Finns begin their turn with an accumulated ½ sp inf replacement points. From their combat losses the last Soviet turn the Finns receive ¾ sp inf replacement points. They receive 1 inf replacement point as a reinforcement this turn. From their replacement pool they rebuild the *1-6 Ski III B and the 1-8 Ski III 3-4 J, both of which must be brought on at Helsinki. This leaves them ¼ unused inf replacement points. The replacement buy of the second ski III was done only after much deliberation. In the Finnish replacement pool remain the 1-6 Ski III 1/LR and the 0-1-0 Art II SHRT.

The reinf 21st Inf XX HQ unit is brought on at Viipuri (4517), where it initially stacks with the 1-6 Inf III 22/64 and the 0-1-8 Cycle III VL, these two units beginning the turn there. The reinf 1-6 Inf III 21/62 is brought on at Kotka (4521). The reinf *3-8 Ski X RVV/1 (FV) is brought on at Torino (1820), adjacent to the Finnish-Swedish border per Rule 40A3-Foreign Aid to Finland.

The Finns begin their turn with 3 ARPs. They expend one ARP to bring back the aborted D.XXI F type air unit; it is placed at Helsinki. The Finnish C.X A type air unit remains in the eliminated box. Although it’s tempting to rebuild the C.X A type air unit also, these three ARPs are likely the last available in the game, and the remaining two may be needed to rebuild the fighter unit, which may score the Finns VPs.

Just in time, the 0-1-5 Const III Kan at G. of Finland clear terrain coast hex 4617 completes its fort build there. The Soviet army is breathing down the Finns’ necks from southward adjacent Karelian Isthmus hexes 4716 and 4717. In the movement phase the const III moves one hex to adjacent Viipuri (4517). The new fort is not officially a part of the Mannerheim Line, and therefore its capture by the Soviets will not score them Finnish demoralization points.

As the Finns study their turn’s serious situation, they decide to burn their remaining resource point located at woods rail junction hex 4314 in order to increase their railcap to 7 ½. This implies they’ve abandoned any intentions of building a fort at important Viipuri.

In the far north the 1-6 Ski III 41 at 1516 moves two hexes eastwards to Kemijarvi, at wooded swamp s. rail terminus hex 1514 on the Kandalaksha-Salla-Torino transportation line. With an intervening frozen full lake hexside to the east, it will likely be protected from attack from the now black U-1 Soviet 4-6 Inf XX 14 two road hexes away eastwards at woods road hex 1512.

Farther south, the *1-6 Ski III 2/LR remains at woods road hex 2014. To the south of it, at Suomussalmi (2612), is encamped the 1-2-6 Ski III 1/PKR . Continuing southwards, the 1-2-8 Ski X Rv still blocks the Rugozero-Kuhmo transportation line at woods road hex 2913, right on the A weather line. However, one road hex to its east at adjacent Kuhmo (2912) the Soviet 2-6 Art X 45 and the winterized 1-6 Inf III 88/273 become black U-4 this turn, with no nearby Soviet airdropped supply points to draw supply from this turn. One road hex southeast of the Soviet short stack at Kuhmo, the 1-8 Pltcl Pol III 5 at forest/woods road hex 3011 goes black U-1 this turn.

In the vast Ladogan Karelia region between the A weather line and the northern shores of Lake Ladoga the Finns are faced with defending against a powerful and steadily reinforced Soviet Eighth Army. At the end of the movement phase the dispositions of the Finnish Army in the region is as follows:

Forest hex 3211 (right on the A weather line): the guerrilla unit 1-6 Ski X Kymen in combat mode, from Lieksa (3312)

Wooded intermittent lake hex 3411: dummy guerrilla unit, from 3410

Forest/woods rail hex 3513: 0-6 Lt Arm II 1, from 3512

Forest rail hex 3512: guerrilla unit 1-6 Ski X SH in combat mode, from 3511

Woods hex 3511: dummy guerrilla unit, from 3510

Forest hex 3612: *3-4-6 Inf XX 12, from 3713

Forest/woods hex 3712: *2-6 Inf X 1, never moved

Forest rail hex 3913: *3-4-6 Inf XX 13, from 3912; *1-6 Ski III 2/PKR, from 3612

Woods hex 4113: 4-5-6 Inf XX 6 and 1-2-6 Inf III 21/60, both from 4112

Woods clear terrain lake coast rail hex 4212: 4-6 Inf XX 1, 0-1-5 Const III Kar, 1-6 Inf III 21/61, 1-2-6 Ski III 1/KR, all four moved from adjacent Sortavala

Clear terrain lake coast rail hex 4313: *1-6 Ski III 2/KR, never moved; 21st Inf XX HQ unit, reinf railed in from Viipuri; 1-6 Inf III 21/62, reinf railed in from Kotka; 1-8 Ski III 3-4 J, repl railed in from Helsinki

Kakisalmi (wooded intermittent lake Ladoga coast rail hex 4514): 0-6 RR Eng III Yhd, moved from 4414.

Sadly, the Finns withdraw westwards from Sortavala (4211), which they defended so bravely for so long. Upon the Finnish const III vacating the Sortavala hex, the 3-cap temporary airfield there is removed from the map.

In the important Karelian Isthmus zone the dispositions of the Finnish Army at the end of the movement phase are as follows:

Viipuri (4514): 0-1-5 Const III Kan, moved in from 4617

Clear terrain G. of Finland coast fort hex 4617: 4-5-6 Inf XX 5, never moved 1-6 Inf III 40, never moved three 0-1-6 Inf IIIs UR, HL, and MLR, all three never moved pos flk unit, never moved

M.L. woods Viipuri-Leningrad railway hex 4616: 4-5-6 Inf XX 4, moved in from adjacent hex 4615 *3-4-6 Inf XX 9, never moved *3-8 Ski X RVV/1 (FV), reinf railed in from 1820 1-6 Art III 3, never moved pos flk unit, never moved

Central M.L. wooded intermittent lake hex 4615: 4-5-6 Inf XX 11, moved in from adjacent hex 4614 1-2-6 Inf III 22/65, never moved 1-2-6 Inf III 23/67, never moved 1-6 Inf III 22/63, moved in from 4616 1-6 Inf III 22/64, moved in from Viipuri 2-6 Art III 2, never moved pos flk unit, never moved

M.L Vuoksa Lake/Causeway woods rail hex 4614: *1-2-6 Inf III B, from adjacent hex 4615 *1-2-6 Inf III B, from adjacent hex 4613 * 1-6 Ski III B, repl railed in from Helsinki

Note: all three “B” Inf XX breakdown units reassemble this turn to form the 4-5-6 Inf XX 8.

M.L. Ladoga coast woods hex 4613: 4-5-6 Inf XX 10, never moved 1-8 Ski III 1-2 J, never moved *1-6 Inf III 4, railed from 4616, then moved in 0-1-8 Cycle III VL, railed from Viipuri, then moved in 0-1-6 Inf III RR, from adjacent hex 4614 0-1-6 Inf III HaL, railed from Helsinki, then moved in pos flk unit, never moved.

Although the situation in the Ladogan Karelia is currently somewhat unfavorable, in a strange way the situation along the Mannerheim Line front in the Karelian Isthmus has apparently stabilized for at least a turn. At least three things have contributed to this. First, last turn the Soviets won the Mannerheim Line wooded intermittent lake G. of Finland coast hex 4714 with a DR; eg., without any Finnish losses, which would have meant untimely heavy ground unit losses impossible for the Finns to quickly replace. Secondly the stout *3-8 Ski X RVV/1 (FV) reinf readily jacked up one of the important M.L. fort hex defense factor totals by its timely arrival by rail. Finally, last turn’s loss and this turn’s rebuild of the *1-6 Ski III B via replacement points enabled the Finns to reassemble the 4-5-6 Inf XX 8 and get it back into the line, enabling a handy reshuffle of the Karelian Isthmus front there and abetting its ultimate strengthening. Next turn the Soviets may well be pushed into attempting an unfavorable Mannerheim Line hex attack with a possible AH result in a risky and hasty effort to break the Line and end the Winter War.

Kotka (4521) is still guarded by the 0-1-6 Inf III KL. Across the frozen sea hexside from it at the G. of Finland sea isle of Suur (at 4621) is the Soviet 3-6 Inf XX 150, this turn beginning at black U-1.

At Helsinki (4527) is the Finnish govt marker, two pos flk units, and the D.XXI F type air unit. The Ilmar TF and the Sisa river flotilla remain in port at Turku (4230), its port still open to the ice free Baltic and Atlantic sea lanes by virtue of the Finnish icebreakers. The Aland Islands are still garrisoned by the by now perhaps sleepy headed 0-1-8 Cycle III TL.