Probably the easiest and most expedient way for a Europa player to attempt a WW wargame focused on the Iraq campaign would be to set up and play F. Watson’s “Iraq: Rashid Ali and the Golden Square” battle scenario found in TEM#81. At least this small Europa battle scenario gives the wargamer the “historical” Iraq campaign in its only published format that I know of. When attempting those much larger and longer WW Rule 41 Scenarios that use the Near East map group (maps 20A, 21A, 22A, and 32) needed to play out the Iraq campaign, the wargamer appears to be Rules-bound to roll the die “from Jan I 41 through Jun II 41” and only hope for the “chance of a pro-Axis coup d’etat in Iraq,” per WW Rule 38J4-[Iraq] Coup. Further, it appears that if the players don’t agree to use WW Optional Rule 38J6-Axis Intervention in Iraq, then the Optional Axis Near East Forces cannot be used. Moreover, it appears to me there might be WW Rules issues/disputes about exactly how Rule 38V3a-Axis Privileges [in Vichy Levant] juxtaposes, or interfaces, or is used “along with” Optional Rule 38J6. More later regarding the previous sentence.

So, with the above being said, we now plunge into a special/experimental/provisional truncated WW Middle East (ME)/“Iraq Campaign” Scenario demonstration (based on Rule 41B5) that focuses on an “embedded” historical Iraq campaign and which is specially cropped for EA presentation to save time and space. However, this wargamer confesses to making all kinds of wargaming mistakes and so invites EA members to point out any WW Rules errors or issues/flaws in Europa wargaming S & T they might catch, or perhaps suspect. The ultimate aims of this labor are to hopefully help improve any future Europa wargame product and for fun at the EA.

Starting Conditions and Special Rules

  • The Axis player controls the Med/NA and the NE commands. The Allied player controls the ME and NE Commands. Observe Rule 3E4-Player Control of Commands.
  • The Iraqi Coup has occurred on the Apr I 41 Axis turn’s initial phase, after supply determination. The Iraqi Army is Unsteady.

  • The initial Axis Vichy Levant Table dice roll done on the Apr I 41 Axis turn was 5: Air. See Rule 38V3a-Axis Privileges [in the Vichy Levent]. The Vichy Levent dice roll is done before the Iraqi coup dice roll.

  • WW Optional Rule 23I-Out-Of-Supply Airbases is used. In addition, (new) Opt Rule 23J-Axis Air Ops from the Aegean Islands, found in the WW Errata-28 October 2005 is also used. It is assumed that the specified Axis air operation limitations from Aegean Island airfields are ended “in scenarios in which the Balkans (Rule 3E5) are not in play…on or after [the] Apr II 41 [Axis turn].” See Optional Rule 38J6-Axis Intervention in Iraq, second paragraph, for this quote.
  • WW Optional Rule 38J5-Variable [Iraqi] Coup Collapse/Surrender is used.
  • The Allied player uses the Iraqi Coup Reaction Forces found in the WitD Allied OB booklet on p 5. Coup turn 2 is Apr II 41. I’ve taken designer’s privilege to add a few other units.
  • WW Optional Rule 38J6-Axis Intervention in Iraq is used along with the Optional Axis Near East Forces found in the WW OB booklet on p. 27. Coup Turn 3 is May I 41. Optional Rule 39E4-Fawzi al Qawukji is not used, nor is Optional Rule 38J7-Iraqi Armor.
  • WW Advanced Rules 5B3-Ownership of Cities, Ports, and Airbases and 5B4-Half RE Units are used. Also use Advanced Rule 13C-Retreats and Overruns.
  • Red U- markers are used to indicate unit supply status determined in the Allied initial phase; black U- markers are used to indicate unit supply status determined in the Axis initial phase.
  • Note the important Additional WW Chart Errata regarding Game Play Chart 8-Political Events, Table 7, found in the Wavell’s War Errata-28 October 2005 addendum. It says: “Variable Iraqi Coup Collapse: The +5 modifier for ‘If a supported unit is adjacent to Baghdad and this is the first turn that Baghdad is Iraqi-owned’ should instead read ‘First turn (only) that a supported Allied unit is adjacent to an Iraqi-owned Baghdad.’”
  • Note: per published Europa text use, Near East map 22A is placed on top of 21A. Place Near East map 20A on top of Western Desert map 19A.