Nov 38

Political Events

Nothing significant happens and political reporters are hard pressed to justify their expenses to editorial staff for this month.

Japanese Player Turn

Kinwha falls in Chekiang to Lt XX’s advancing as part of the CCA Army while in Anhwei Ningkwo is taken. Disaster comes to the IJA in the form of Rain tumbling from the heavens, bringing a screeching halt to plans for a rapid series of attacks and advances south of the Yangtze, the die roll modifier makes it risky for low odds attacks, and the IJA is starting to become stretched in this region as it trys to cover CCP guerillas in their rear and the multitude of CA XX’s on their flanks.

Chinese Player Turn

Again troops are sent to back up the defence lines and RPs are lent from Szechuan to provide more troops for the CA. The rains of late November are welcome to give the CA breathing space froom the enemy.