Jan II 38

Japanese Player Turn

On going attacks in Shanghai continue, but front wide withdrawal of units to Japan and Manchukuo weaken the overall strength of the IJA. Units are split up to try and maintain control over the territory held. Taming in Kiangsu and Hantan in Hopei fall, but in Hopei supply line length is making the going hard for Japanese units.

Chinese Player Turn

Kiangsu/Chekiang – defence lines begun behind the Grand Canal and Soochow. Unspted XX’s are rushed to N Kiangsu and the open plains south of the Yellow River. Shansi units are rebuilt and are ready to defend the province. In N Honan, Hunan and Szechuan reinforcements arrive to bolster defence and MNF units are placed behind the Kwo River. Fortifications are built around the key hexes for blowing the Yellow River dams to hold these hexes for as long as possible.