Sept I Allied turn

Malta status 2

Malta supply convoy gets through.
Engineers start to repair the rail line west of El Alamein.  2 more It Inf XX are eliminated as the advance continues.

Sept I Axis turn

3 hits on Malta; status = 5. 1xBR20M aborted by AA.
Once again 0.5 Ger and 0.5 It Inf RPs are sunk and the 0-1-10 lt AA is returned.
German engineers blow 2 hits on Bardiya port.

Sept II 41 Allied turn

Malta status 2, Malta supply convoys sunk.

8th Army advances, ending up in a line south 4 hexes east of Halfaya.
Cyprus is now garrisoned by 2 x 1-8 MG II, a Hurri, and a Blen 4, which should discourage any lurking Fallschirmjaegers.

Sept II Axis turn

5 hits on Malta; status now 7

The 0-1-10 Lt AA II lands at Bengahzi.
Rommel considers his options. He has 2 armoured XX plus a cadre, and a weak mot inf and a couple of Inf XXs; and not much in the way of support units. 8th Army is beyond air cover but has 6 strong infantry divisions, 2 Arm XX, and ample support, but has not ZOCed in the Axis non motorised formations.

The decision is taken to run now, and not to try to hold Halfaya or Tobruch. Forward supply dumps are blown up.

An It 2-6 Inf XX and a 3-4-6 Art III board ship at Tobruch. Everyone else skedaddles, non mot using admin movement and motorised units pausing to blow the airfields before heading towards Msus.