Nov I Allied turn

Malta status = 4

2 NTs are sunk en route to Malta but the third gets through.
8th Army closes with El Agheila and starts to build airfields within range of the front line; a Cons X is airlifted forward to assist.
Wel 2s attempt a long range bombing mission to Homs but miss.

Nov I Axis turn

The fort at El Agheila is completed.
2 hits to Malta for an He111 aborted. Status = 6
All replacements make it through bar 0.5 Ger and 0.5 It which are returned.
DAK digs in at Agheila with large numbers of fighters and Ju87s in support.

Nov II Allied turn

Seas are rough and E is mud.

Malta status = 3 (for comparison, CRUSADER scenario has Malta Status = 7)
2 NTs are sunk en route to Malta but the third gets through.
With airpower still moving up, best odds available to the Allies are 3:2 -1. 8th Army waits.

Nov II Axis turn

Quick construction of a second fort west of Agheila starts.
Malta takes 1 hit status = 4
The infantry reinforcements arrive.

Rommel’s maximum armoured attack, incl GS, is around 32 – 36 depending on AA, so best attack is 1:1 +2. Pulling the Malta bombers away to ground support won’t get that to 3:2, not until Jan when there are larger air reinforcements. Our Rommel also knows that the war with Japan is about to start and that the British will cripple their armoured XX with reorganisations all summer.  Hmm…  he waits and concentrates on wearing down the RAF and above all its airfields.
Only 2 hits are achieved but 2 Hurris are aborted.