Jan I 41 Allied Turn

E is mud, seas are rough.
Malta Status is 2.

GSPs, 2 x Br Inf RPs and the 0-1-8 Hvy AA from Bardiya ship to Malta. The Malta 0-1-8 AA arrives safely too; Valletta now has 5 pts of AA.

Virtually the entire Western Desert Force attacks Tobruch; Gladiators take on the CR 42 escorts (mutual no effect) while the Hurricanes are aborted by the Ju 87s who are in turn returned. The attack goes in at 4:1 -1, DH (all elim for lack of retreat route). Tobruch falls.
Wellingtons inflict 1 port hit on Bardiya.

7th Arm advances inland to isolate the Italians at Gazala.
It losses; 2 x 0-1-6* GAF Inf III, a 3-4-6 and a 2-3-6 Art III, 1 pt position AA

Jan I 41 Axis Turn

In Benghazi the engineers start fort building.
The attacks on Malta begin in earnest; 2 x Ju88, 4 x Ju87, 3 x SM79 all attack, achieving 4 hits despite the mud for 1 x Ju87R returned. The He111 and SM79-2 hold off ready for anti-shipping duty next turn. Malta status is now 6.
1 AS makes it to Bengahzi along with a 3-4-6 Art from 5th Army and the 2-6 Inf XX evacuated from Derna.
1 AS and 1 Tk II are sunk, but 1 more makes it to Tripoli and another plus a 1-8 Mot Art to Homs.
Outlying airfields around Bengahzi are destroyed.
The Gazala garrison holds to block westward movement by Allied infantry.

Jan II 41 Allied Turn

Mud in E but calm seas. Note that for this game Benghazi and the clear hexes around it are considered to be in Zone F.
Malta status 4

The Hurri is repaired. The Wellington has still not been called away to Greece.
An NT carrying GSPs from Gibraltar is attacked by an He111 out of Pantelleria – AA aborts the He 111. The SM79-2 sinks it. Two NTs with GSPs attempt to get to Malta from Alex and Haifa. Both get through; Malta is supplied.

The Pioneers finish repairing the airfield outside Tobruch and move into the fortress.
7th Armoured pushes past Mechili. The Allied army eliminates the small blocking force at Gazala.
The Wellington attempts a night bombing mission on Benghazi but is turned back by AA.
In exploitation Derna is taken by an armoured brigade, while 7th Armoured pushes on to Agedabia
It losses; 1-8 Lt arm X, 2-3-6 art III, 1 pt position AA.

Jan II 41 Axis Turn

The He111 and Ju87 are repaired.
4 hits are inflicted on muddy Malta for 1 x SM 79 aborted. Malta status now 8.
The 2-1-8 lt arm X makes it ashore to Homs without difficulty.
A strong (by Italian standards) armoured group with artillery support builds up at El Agheila.
Jan II VP count; no territorial awards, Allied VP stand at 48.5