I Oct 1940

In an attempt to extract the surrounded portion of the WDF, both those inside and out of the Italian noose attack the same point, an unsupported Italian armored force. The Italian tankettes and Libyan truck-borne infantry manage to not only hold off the outside force but also convince the surrounded forces to surrender! (3:1; -2 AECD: AR) The 10th Army remains almost unscathed while the WDF is reeling and most likely will be unable to stop the Italians at El Alamein. The British’s mere presence in North Africa is now at risk. Parliament asks Australia who’s side they’re on, but is quickly rebuffed, reminded of a similar but much more costly encirclement earlier this spring.
10th Army stays on the WDF’s heels, forcing back units based around the 4th Indian Divisional Headquarters before proudly marching into El Alamein proper (3:1; +3 AECA: DR). The Sicilian Air Force bombs Malta into complete submission (up 3 to 15). In what is perhaps the first good news to befall the British all campaign, Royal Navy destroyers engage a fleet of undefended Italian supply ships and sink or force the crew to scuttle each one.

II Oct 1940

Little can now be done to stop the Italian onslaught. The line east of El Alamein doesn’t even reach all the way to the Quattara. The CinC Middle East concedes to his commanders that the Axis may very well reach the vital Suez Canal by Christmas. Preparations are made for a general retreat into Palestine, signaled by Haifa being established as an Allied supply terminal.
In a reenactment of the Battle of El Alamein (last turn) the same forces continue their duel to the end of the month. The Italians manage to again pull off a resounding success, opening the Nile for their occupation (3:1; +3 AECA: DE). The 10th Army surrounds the remaining armored force east of El Alamein but can’t quite close a gap to the southeast. Libyans and some armor surround Alexandria via Damaphur. Some Egyptians join the Axis cause, including some in Cairo that take the capital for the Axis, destroy the British supply terminal, and capture some valuable supply. The Sicilian Air Force (all Axis bombers) fly to Albania and southeast Italy for the upcoming invasion of Greece.