Libya – The 8th Army moves up to the new Axis line while behind them
supplies are rushed forward. In the Delta numerous forces are rebuilt from
the replacement pool and hurried along by all available means towards

Algeria – British units slip through gaps in the Axis line to rejoin the
thin blue line west of the capital. Overhead RAAF and USAAF Heavy Bombers
with RAF and SAAF Mediums begin a series of round the clock raids on the
port facilities of Algiers, shattering the docks with their massive payloads
and impervious to the small amounts of AA in the area. (5 hits – I hate the
Allied Strategic Bombing strength!)

Libya/Algeria – The 5th Pz XX is rebuilt to full strength along with the
Ariete XX. The 25th It Infantry XX is rebuilt and rushed into Algeria.
Supplies are broken up to provide resources for more forts and airfields.
With this limitation on them, the Axis are unable to attack anywhere. Ships
begin arriving in Algiers as a supply terminal is opened up here. The 131
Armoured XX finally completes grouping its separate elements together and
becomes a new worry for the Allies to deal with.

Oct II 1942

Libya – The Allies show there mettle once again attacking the western
extremity of the Zem Zem Wadi defence line. In a brave decision, the Air
Commander Desert Air Force commits unescorted bombers and attack craft at
long range to try and up the chances of a break through. The Luftwaffe have
a field day as 3 Wellington bomber air units are slaughtered by fighter
interception. Only one A-30 gets through (interceptor rolled a 12) to aid
the infantry attack on the Armoured defenders. The German CinC is surprised
when news from the front arrives – all of it bad. The Allies have broken
through! (3:1 -2 AECD = HX) The follow on tanks trundle across the hills
towards Tripoli while Free French units mounted in trucks scoot along
towards the coast.

Algeria – British infantry units spread themselves across the line to give support to
the French. A couple of Brigades convert to motorised units to allow
formation of the 8th Armoured XX. Again bombers attack Algiers inflicting
severe damage on the port. An Italian Mc 202 is destroyed trying to take on
a B24-D5.

Libya – Units fall back to the temporary stop line of Homs. As unusual they
are spread out from arsehole to breakfast looking very messy and vulnerable
to an Allied attack. Italian administration authorities from Tripoli are
intermixed with these forces with the city abandoned. No damage to the port
could be done due to the rushed nature of the retreat.

Algeria – The last of the hoarded supplies are used to attack the British
west of Algiers. By careful movement of Italian infantry to the town of
Medea, all retreat paths are blocked – all that is needed to inflict a
serious loss on the British is a DR. Despite brave efforts by the French
fighters to block Axis air support (all the French fgts are killed by
superior German aircraft) the British are forced back (2:1 = DR) and the
remnants struggle back westwards. The motorised sections of the Axis
advance to just short of Orleansville.