Libya – Supplies begin to arrive in the battle front while the armoured
might of the 8th Army builds up with the formation of the 1st Arm XX. The
CinC is heard to mutter several times about supplies while dictating
telegram responses to Whitehall over his lack of aggression at Aghelia.

Algeria – To try and get extra strength in defence, several XX’s form up and
enter the main line. Most French units now face the Italian and German
Armour, but it is clear they need more sophisticated Allied support.

Libya – The only supplies in the area are used to construct fortifications
around the Aghelia zone, angering unit commanders who expected to be allowed
to go onto the offensive soon. This loss of supplies for pill boxes and
minefields means that no strong counter attack can be launched if a break
through is made. The German CinC snorts contemptuously at such defeatist
talk as he bares his buttocks in defiance at the Allied lines of Aghelia
before flying in his Storch back to Algeria.

Algeria – Italian and German paratroopers are flown into Constantine to join
in an attack by the 15th Pz on the Oran XX and 2nd LE III outside the city.
Again French fighters cut up the bombers flying air support and the results
are enough to spoil the attack and prevent any breakthrough. (2:1 -1 Rough,
+ 2 AECA = AS) At Bone, an Italian Corp based on the 133 Lit XX, German
paras and assorted infantry crush the French battle line and in exploitation
the Italian tanks seize Philippville.

Jun II 1942

Algeria – All French units are brought into the main line against the Axis.
Where are the British or Americans? Still no support after so long. German
propaganda is highly effective at demoralising the frontline forces in the
area with knowledge that the British have made no move against the Aghelia

Libya – Armoured units begin the big push by sliding through the Axis ZoCs
on the east flank, past the El Faregh Wadi and the Sebchet el Gheneien salt
marshes. These are not the assault units, but just the covering force for
some 27 REs of infantry and artillery who also ooze through the front line
to attack the Axis mech units. Air battles overhead are hard and deadly,
but neither side gains any advantage. The attack goes off half cocked and
results in a disappointing stalemate for the Allies. (3:1 -2 AECD = AS)

In the exploitation phase however, the Armoured units enter the unguarded
town of Aghelia by swinging south, then west, then north then east to come
from behind the enemy to destroy the unguarded fort and seize the airstrip
in the area, placing itself firmly across the Axis supply line.

Libya – In a dreadful panic, the Axis mech units spend all their regular and
exploitation movement to re-establish their defence lines west of Aghelia.
The German Commander is seen writing a very long and detailed explanation to
Berlin explaining just exactly what went wrong. A special delegation from
the Gestapo is flown out to discuss at length his attitude and ability.
Supplies are rushed forward from Tripoli.

Algeria – Special operations units are withdrawn, making the map look a lot
less cluttered and the remaining Axis units very lonely. “Good”, states the
CinC, “I can see where to attack!” and immediately does so – the 133 Lit XX
and 15th Pz XX hits the defenders outside Constantine, for once the
Luftwaffe stops the French airforce affecting the battle and blows away the
attempted air support. The French units put up a desperate struggle but are
eventually overcome (2:1 -1 rough, +3 AECA = HX) Outside Philippville
Italian infantry and artillery tries to drive the Alger XX out of the woods
to the east of the port but vigorous counterattacks unnerve the Italians who
abandon the city and flee. (3:1 -1 woods = AR) With these attacks, the
logistics chief notifies the CinC that there are no more supplies available
in the area for continued attacks. The CinC rolls about frothing for a
while and kicking the floor. This impresses the Gestapo team so much they
write him a glowing endorsement and leave him to carry on the campaign.

To seize as much ground as possible, the 15th Pz XX drives past the
Casablanca XX and takes Setif, destroying a wing of D520’s on the ground but
watches in frustration as DB-7’s escape to Bougie.