Dear Il Duce,

Well its been a busy time since I last wrote, what with the Glorious Battles in Iran, Iraq and Syria. I have no doubt had they been stiffened with some of your glorious blackshirts they would have fought harder and lasted longer. Oh well, so much for them.

As you know, I captured Tobruk in a masterstroke – make it look like I was on the ropes, my men tired and hungry (only one kilo of Pasta per man! Mama Mia!) and then, kapow, seize the port in a fine display of Generalship. Hurrah for me! – and you of course most great leader.

I am confident that this latest battle at Alamein will see me through to the Nile within the month. Many British soldiers are still in the Near East and I believe it will be too late for them to return and affect the battle. The paratroopers in the Delta will no doubt be causing my opposite number troubles and soon I believe I will be able to receive you in person at the Pyramids and like that most noblest of Caesar’s, carve our names in one hundred foot high letters in the side of them.

Viva Italia!

your most obedient servant,

Marshal Roberto

(PS, thank Clara for the photos)

(PPS – What is it with all these Germans? Soon they will out number my Italian troops in terms of combat power and may demand an equal say in operations. Never!)