Aug I

British: Numerous units are rebuilt in the Delta, especially Australian and New Zealander now that sufficient RPs are available. The Italian CinC is stiff lipped about but does worry about the possibility of future operations against the Alamein line. Who will win the battle of the build up??

Iraq – Newly arrived Indian forces join in an attack by the 10th XX on the Iraqis outside Basra. the results are a smashing victory. (6:1 = DE). Further north, Habforce launches an attack on the Iraqi 2nd XX and with the aid of its superior armour, smashes it into the desert sands. (DE) Showing true cavalry spirit, Habforce charges into Baghdad, capturing all Iraqi coup leaders while in the middle of an emergency meeting. Iraq is free from the scourge of the Germans. No-one can locate the German agents who were last seen heading towards Iran in a black mercedes at high speed…….. In Basra there is much swearing and fighting as Australians and New Zealanders disembark at the port to find all the fighting over. What the hell are they here for when Jerry’s at the front door of Cairo?

Levant – A mass attack goes in against the remaining Vichy forces holed up in Allepo, fighting is desperate, with two British brigades being shredded in the attack, but ultimately the French give way and are marched off into captivity. (3:1 = HX)

Axis: Muffled sobs are heard from the new Matruh bunker of the Italian CinC. Iraq and Levant in the some time period are lost to the cause. Blame is laid squarely on the French by all concerned. An attack is launched by Axis Mechanised units on two Allied XXs (SA 1st and 50th) holding a portion of the Alamein line. Heated air battles occur overhead, with the Stuka air support being chased away by Hurricane fighters at great loss to the RAF and SAAF. The eventual attack is a failure (1:1 = AS). Over Malta more bombing occurs and damage done to the island.

Aug II

British: While on a roll in the Near East, Iran is invaded, much to the annoyance of the Shah. A battlegroup under the command of the Aust 7th HQ attacks the 6th Iranian XX with Air Spt from Bombay Air transports. The Iranians are forced back. (DR) Further north the newly converted 9th Lt Armoured (ex Habforce) crosses the border to seize Karind (sp) and Shahabad.

Egypt/Palestine/Levant – Mass reshuffling of units to set up garrison needs and get troops down to Alamein. The HQ 70th XX, Czech’s and a couple of brigades land in Cyprus to defend the island against reports from SOE operatives in Greece that Goering’s skygangsters have been spotted in the region.

Axis: The bombing of Malta continues unabated. Supplies are hurried to Alamein. The troops are there but no bullets! CinC 10th Army and titular commander of DAK, hears rumours that Rome are most unhappy with his performance to date. Something desperate needs to be done…..

Iran – Shah orders all available troops to head south and west to hold the borders against the British while he fights the Soviets in the north. The long marches begin….