Oct I

British build up at Matruh continues with Australian and British units from Palestine arriving. Complaints are received from the RAF Mess Committee over troops being ordered to dig slit trenches in the middle of the cricket pitch. Enraged at the lack of sporting facilities, the RAF Blenheims attack Tobruk again, smashing some dockside cranes and warehouses, limiting by a small amount the ports capacity.

Italian construction crews complete their first stretch of highway and move on to their next sector. Slowly the road is being built. Behind them stockpiled supplies are waiting transportation to the front line where the Libyan motorised forces practise for their eventual integration into an Armoured Division. The parachutists of the Tonini Regiment are sent to Halafaya to meet up with the 10A artillery regiment to provide an invulnerable two defensive strength points at this crucial piece of real estate. This’ll have Tommy trembling in his boots if he tries any sneaky deep desert strikes. Medals are handed round to all 10th Army staff officers in recognition for this cunning tactical planning. (armoured battalions placed in stacks to give -1 AECD roll)

Oct II

CinC ME orders the RAF to destroy the ability of the Italians to reinforce their frontline forces. Obviously he has planned something so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a fox. Bombers fly over Tobruk in a non-stop bombing campaign, trying to smash the port out of the war. Italian bi-planes scramble from airfields around Tobruk and try and stop any Blenheims getting through, but fail miserably although no damage occurs from the RAF attacks. Around Matruh the build up continues, supplies are stockpiled on the outskirts and more troops, Aussies, Czech’s, French and Indians join the battlegroups coalescing around the 7th Support Brigade and Indian 4th HQ. Australia beats England in a four day test to claim the first Matruh Ashes Cup. The horse boys HQ in Palestine are railed down to Matruh to convert to the “W” Art X. Missing chins and drawled consonants are required to join this outfit as an officer.

Construction is completed of the second stretch of road and Italian engineers move on to the next. Reports from the forward command post of the brave Italian CinC indicate he is gravely concerned over the actions of the British, who continue to build up forces at Matruh. It is anticipated that the road will be opened by Dec I and a British attack would be most likely at this stage. On advice from his staff, he decides not to inform his forward commanders at this intelligence estimate lest it cause panic amongst the soldiers…….. SM 79s rebase to Sicily for commencement of the air offensive on Malta.