M,C,C,C & C,C

Axis Player Turn

With clear crisp and sunny weather throughout most of the theatre, the
Soviets launch a massive offensive – not on the thrice accursed 4717, but on
4615. Despite the improved wether, the sun obviously dazzled the troops
eyes and caused the attack to go in half botched and the Soviets again flee
from battle (3:1 -2 = AR). This isn’t the worst of it when an attack
against the interfering French to the north is a veritable disaster and half
the attacking force are slaughtered (3;1 -3 = AH). Comrade Stalin is
blubbing mess cringing under his desk in the Kremlin.

At Aarhus the Germans assault and seize the city, pushing out the Danish
defenders (3:1 = DH). As a sop to Berlin the Danish Govt is captured.
[This I can say with all honestly was the high point of the entire game for
me] London is most embarrassed at leaving an Ally in such an exposed

Allied Player Turn

In Denmark the allies go onto the offensive – Estyjerg on the west coast is
occupied by the Swedish 1st XX while the Allies attack and destroy the 196
XX (4:1 = DE). Only a handful of units protect the northern border and
Kiel. Hmmmm.

In Finland, just to rub it in, the French counterattck with Finns from the
north against the survivors who attacked them earlier. By blocking retreat
paths the Allies destroy the remaining Soviets who are forced to retreat
from the battle.

Molotov and Beria give Uncle Joe the tap on the shoulder and suggest its
time to talk peace with the Finns and their western Allies and the game ends
by mutual agreement.