S,S,M,M & R,R

Axis Player Turn

In Denmark and attack on the 44th HC XX fails (AS) while the Luftwaffe go
searching for the Royal Navy off the coast. Contact is made and AA fails to
prevent the LW anti shipping planes scoring hits on the Rodney and Valiant.

At 4717 another attack is launched through the mud and this time the NKVD
holds the troops in position (changes AR to AS – why can’t I get an EX or HX

The Finns (23rd and 6th XXs) are pushed back from their position north of
Ladoga, opening a hole into the Allied lines. (4:1 -2 = DR)

NE of Salla the Finns are overrun in a HX result, leaving the surviving NKVD
III just outside the town.

Allied Player Turn

To cover Salla, two Finnish Ski units head north while RVV 1 X* skis from
Suomussalmi to Kuosamo and is replaced by RVV2 Lt Inf X*.

In Denmark the 13 DBLE and Poles arrive and the Allies spread out over the