Entente Turn

January 1915 initial phases came and went with the impact usual of a production phase. Both French and German rail nets deteriorated, with the French in the neighborhood of half as capable as the Germans in that arena. All armies continued their buildups. Both major Canadian formations remained at reduced effectiveness for what is fast becoming a statistically unlikely amount of time. Britain suffered two morale points of losses at sea while the Germans suffered no strategic loss.

Entente forces on the ground conducted a major reorganization in early January 1915. Belgian forces moved to the front line for the first time since October, massing nearly their whole army in 0723 under fieldworks. British forces reduced their holding to only fifty miles of front, though with some backstop forces, and entrenched the key position southwest of Oostende. One hundred two points of British forces sat confidently in the new entrenchments while proportionally equally strong forces crouched less happily in their fieldworks around Oostende and further southwest of the entrenched zone. French forces glumly took up most of the second line positions behind the Belgians and Britons while also entrenching further positions and thickening their frontline in several places.