Spring has come to the Western Front with Mud weather. The British reinforce their front lines. The Italians continue their advances on Trient and Triest. Some shifting of French reserves to support the weaker parts of their defensive line completes the Entente’s moves.

The Italian 1st Army, attacking from the northwest of Trient attempting to cut the supply line, is forced to retreat. The Italian 3rd Army, attacking from the southeast of Trient attempting to cut the supply line, almost destroying the defenders at large cost to the attackers. The Italian 4th Army now attacks eastward. The 5th Corps successfully captures Villach. The 7th Corps is stopped with casualties. The 8th and 9th Corps come close to destroying the Austrian defenders, but they do hold and throw back the Italians with large losses.

The Entente lost 40 Italian Manpower and 11 Equipment points. The Central Powers lost 11 Austrian/Hungarian Manpower and 6 Equipment points.

The Central Powers are unable to react in any meaningful way.

Tom: I think I would have been better served if the Italians had waited until better weather to declare war. I have been pressing attacks that only harm the Austrian/Hungarians on a 4-6, and two of those results are DRs. I just don’t think I can afford to wait until clear weather on the front because the Central Powers are sure to reinforce the Austrian/Hungarians soon. As it is, the combat is centered around Trient (with 3 Italian armies attacking it) and Triest (with 1 Italian army). If additional Central Powers armies appear (and I am sure they will), I will have to pull back some of the attacking armies on Trient. Trient is a hard enough nut to crack (half attack for improved old fortress and halved for mountain terrain) without attacking with only one or two armies. The supply situation in the mountains is just too restricted to maintain a large front with a single army HQs.

The last of the cavalry divisions head to the Eastern front. The army reorganization begins but falls short due to lack of equipment. Hopefully next month will see enough equipment points from mobilized artillery to finish the job. The Austrians begin to dig in near Trient and in Triest. The newest army is defending to the north of Trient to stop the Italian drive on Klagenfurt. The French front reorganizes due to the new army reorganization. All offensives are put on hold until the weather clears.

The Entente fails to react.

Carl: I have been considering sending some of the Bavarian mountain troops to aid the Austrian/Hungarians. So far, though, they do not seem to need it. Now that the bulk of the reinforcements are in down there, the Italians do not appear to have an easy time of it. One thing that I have been thinking about is a counteroffensive into the eastern plains in northern Italy. Perhaps try and cut off the Italian 4th Army attacking Triest. I will have to wait and see what will occur. I have decided to postpone my drive to the English Channel until good weather comes. I am going to be able to rebuild my forces faster than the Entente can, so waiting should not cost me much. If I can reach the channel, it will cause heavy casualties for the Belgians and British and force the French to send troops to help them. I am considering going after one of the southern French fortresses and create a situation much like Lille where the French must bleed for a while. This may send them into serious morale problems later this year.