The British prepare to relieve one more hex from the French in northern France. The Italians divert a corps of light troops to protect the flank of the 4th Army. The 3rd Army prepares to attack the Trient supply line once more.

The Italian 3rd Army attacks and is beaten back with losses. The Italians lose 28 Manpower points.

Tom: If it weren’t for bad luck. Another roll of 1 causes an AP result. The Italians are stymied and it really looks as though the Germans will be declaring war in their initial phase. Carl has too many resources gathered for the entry of Austria for him not to be getting ready for that. Depending on how aggressive he is, the Italians may have to fall back and defend with the 4th Army.

The Austrians are heavily reinforced from the east and the units are rushed into the defense around Triest. The Germans declare war on Italy and advance the Alpen Corps into the gap between the Italian 3rd and 4th Armies.

The Bavarian 6th Army reinforces and attacks just south of Toul. The French manage to reinforce the attacked corps with divisions and a brigade. The defenders manage to hold. The French 2nd Army is able to react and reinforce the devastated corps while pulling back the divisional cadres for rebuilding. The Central Powers lost 31 Bavarian Manpower Points while the Entente lost 20 French Metro Manpower and 11 Equipment Points.

Carl: I decided to declare war on Italy, perhaps it will force the Italians to withdraw from Triest and have the Entente reinforce them with British or French troops. The quick attack near Toul with the Bavarian 6th Army is to keep Tom on his toes. The attack occurred out of the blue with artillery divisions, engineers, and resource points railroading in from other points in the front. The damage to the French was not overly dangerous, but all of the French reserves in the area have been used up temporarily. I will have to wait and see how Tom responds to this action before I decide whether to continue my offensive there or not.