he British transfer four more divisions to the French Front. The British 3rd Army is created and the British have extended their defensive front from the Channel to La Fere. The French transfer the relieved troops back to the Arras area for now. The Italians are forced to pull back from their attempt to cut the supply line to Trent and have dug fieldworks on the plains of Italy to aid in their defense against the German Alps Corps.

The Central Powers are not able to react in any meaningful way.

Tom: I have decided to hold off with a British offensive for the moment. They just do not have the necessary manpower reserves to truly do well. The French have exhausted their reserves and could use the four full corps that defended between the British and the channel. This will make a more cohesive front for the British and the French. Hopefully, the new Italian position will be able to hold the German offensive back until the entrenchments are done – although if Carl really wants to throw everyone down to Italy, the Italians may not last long. At least the French are getting a breather from the constant attacks. This is a nice thing and a major worry off of my mind.

The Zepplins attack London successfully once more! This is the third morale hit for the Zepplin fleet and the British would have to transfer a fighter to the English Garrison – if they had any! The main front in France is stable but the Central Powers advance in Italy continues with the Austrians taking the ground vacated by the Italian pullback near Trent. Now it comes down to whether the Germans will be able to continue their advance into the plains of Italy.

There are no attacks and the Entente does some minor troops shifting during the reaction phase.

Carl: A very interesting turn although no combat took place. The British have extended their lines so I do not expect an offensive from them very soon. They have no reserve divisions and very few manpower points. The new French reserve from the northern corps will be able to bolster the French forces in quite a few areas. This may put hold on any of my plans for attacking the French and wearing them down. The true focus is now developing into the Italian campaign. I have another two divisions in place (for a total of five) with some good mountain support troops that the Italians will be hard pressed to defeat. I can afford to lose a hex or two with these troops without endangering the Austrians. If I can drive down to the Adriatic, the Italians will have to withdraw from across the Isonzo River or lose the major portion of their army.