Game Settings

  • Game: March to Victory
  • Scenario: Campaign Game
  • Started: September, 1998
  • Ended: May, 1999
  • Entente Player: Tom Wilcott
  • Central Powers Player: Carl Kleihege

Negotiated Rules

1. We will play the campaign game with the commands of West (British Isles), West (France/West Germany), and West (Italy/West Austria).

2. We will use the advanced air rules and the basic naval rules.

3. The CP may not use rail movement, perform construction, or have any unit of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Armies move south of the 14xx hexrow during the Special Invasion Turn.

4. Attacks must be declared before either Offensive or Defensive bombardments may occur. The attack may be aborted after the bombardments are resolved.

5. If the British Isles cannot produce the amount of Resource Points and Equipment Points that must be shipped from the command according to the 25-Feb-98 Errata, it must ship all that it can.

6. We will use the Limited Intelligence Rules with the Corps HQ counters. This makes the start of the campaign somewhat harder for the CP since all of the Belgian, BEF, and French 5th Army Corps are hidden at the start. It is harder to see what the Entente player may be planning.

7. Since Tom does not have internet access, I will post the remarks and game play to the mailing list and the website on the internet after one week of time has gone by. This will enable us to include our plans and thoughts of the game without divulging anything to each other. It will also allow us to answer questions about what we were thinking when we did that stupid move without giving anything away.

8. Incremental Odds (Rule 9K) will be used.

Comments on the Above

1. We both agreed to the full campaign game. We have played “Home before Christmas” before (as a learning scenario for Tom, the Entente Commander) and are curious to take it further now that both of us are comfortable with the game system.

2. This is actually a handicap in Tom’s favor. Without the advanced naval rules, Tom does not have to worry about a CP invasion of Britain. With the British Isles in his command, Tom now has a better control over the arrival of the British reinforcements and could strip the Isles of the activated forces much faster than historically. This should make it more interesting.

3. This is a reality check and common sense rule. Although the CP is not restricted in these ways in RAW, with all of the restrictions that Plan 17 has and discussions with Arthur at Europafest about keeping with the “spirit” of the pre-war plans, these seem reasonable. Otherwise it would be possible to combine the overrun of Liege with the RR Eng X’s clearing the rail, using Operational Rail movement to overrun Bruxelles and have the CP in France during the Special Invasion Turn. This does not seem very historical. (But it could be very fun for the CP!)

4. This is an interim solution to the bombardment rules. It appears that we will have to wait until Over There is out for the new version of the rules from Arthur, so this seems reasonable to us.

5. We stumbled on this problem during the Sep I 14 Production Phase and it has since come up on the mailing list. I have referred the question to Arthur, in the meantime this seems reasonable.

6. This will make the “BEF Shock” present during the Aug II 14 Reaction Combat Phase. It will definitely be interesting on the decision on whether to smack the BEF as soon as possible (Reaction Combat Phase) or wait until the CP Combat Phase after the Corps are no longer limited intelligence.

7. The time delay allows us more freedom to write down our impressions without fear of letting out secret plans. It is also a bit more fair since Tom does not have internet access and all questions and answers have to come through me.

8. This rule is highly recommended and does speed up play.

Turn Reports

Note: Some of the turn reports have gone missing in the past 15 years. We are working at reconstructing them from my emails, until then we present the report as complete as we have it.

  • Aug II 14 - The French have the African reinforcements arrive in Nancy while the released Italian garrison troops arrive in Epinal. The British transfers from the British Isles to France do not occur because the Entente player commands both commands. The Entente player will have to ship the units over during his movement or exploitation phases using his […]
  • Sep I 14 - The British dig fieldworks to shield Lille. The French improvise a line from the BEF to Arras and back to the Ardennes. The 4th Army starts to retreat out of their isolated state in the Ardennes while the rest of the French armies in the south pull back to form a more secure line and […]
  • Sep II 14 - The Belgian Government in exile is formed in London, safe from the Central Powers reach. The Belgian Army utilizes CR#9 and reorganizes its remaining rifle divisions to full strength. The BEF falls back from the front lines to rebuild and reorganize. The French dig fieldworks and consolidate their defenses from the port of Dunkerque to […]
  • Oct I 14 - The entire Entente Naval transport capacity removes 3 Belgian 1st Line divisions, two Corps HQs, the Army HQs, and a fortress division from Antwerpen and lands them in northern French ports. The reorganized and rebuilt BEF takes its place on the front line defending a two hex front near Amiens. The French 5th Army defends […]
  • Oct II 14 - The Belgian 3rd Corps takes over the defense of Ypres from the French. The French build up in the Reims area in preparation to throw back the German thrust to the Marne. Some pulling back of troops north of Verdun shortens the French line and consolidates the defense in the area. Entrenchments are dug wherever […]
  • Nov I 14 - A new production turn and the weather turns to MUD! It doesn’t get any better than this! The Belgians start to rebuild their two divisions lost in Antwerpen. The British start to rebuild their last destroyed division. The French just have too many destroyed units to rebuild, but they try. The Belgian Army prepares to […]
  • Nov II 14 - The Belgian Army relieves the French at Dunkerque while the BEF relieves the French at Arras, allowing the French 5th Army to defend Lille and Lens. More Corps entrench along the defensive line. The French 5th Corps is left to defend Verdun while the other French troops withdraw to the main defensive line. The French […]
  • Dec I 14 - The weather is still mud. The BEF takes over the responsibility for another hex while the French 5th Army is only defending Lille now. The French 4th Army consolidates its line behind Verdun by retreating one more hex. The rest of the line continues to entrench and prepare for the winter season. The Central Powers […]
  • Dec II 14 - Snow has arrived. The Entente is almost completely entrenched, only two hexes in the Verdun area remain to finish. Reinforcements are rushed to the defense of Lille, putting 6 full strength divisions into the city. The British and Belgians continue to ensure that their portions of the line are well defended with ample reserves to […]
  • Jan I 15 - The new year has begun. A massive reorganization occurs among the Entente front line troops. The British now form the 2nd Army and adds another hex to defend south of Arras. The French still hold Lille with their 5th Army. The reorganization will allow the Entente to have a chance at reinforcing almost any hex […]
  • Jan II 15 - The Entente reinforce Lille and continue to entrench their second defensive line. Some slight movement occurs to maximize the second line and improve the placement of reserves. The Central Powers are unable to react with an attack on Lille, however they do manage to pull a surprise attack on the Belgian 3rd Corps adjacent to […]
  • Feb I 15 - Another scramble to put fresh Belgian troops in the front line, fresh French troops to defend Lille, and fresh British troops to their front line. All three Entente nationalities were hit around Lille during the last turn. All held their ground, but the losses had to be made up to prevent another assault by the […]
  • Mar I 15 - The weather has cleared, but Zone D continues with Winter weather. Great news picks up the morale of the Entente as Italy enters the war on their side. An interesting event where Zone D (most of the Western Front) is in Winter while Zone C (the Alps) is in Mud weather. The Italians advance against […]
  • Feb II 15 - The Entente rebuilds their line behind Lille. The Belgians now have a single corps holding Dunkerque. The French 1st Corps is between the Belgians and the two British armies. Some more movement of reserves to strengthen the area is all that occurs during the turn. The Central Powers continue their attacks near Lille with an […]
  • Mar II 15 - Spring has come to the Western Front with Mud weather. The British reinforce their front lines. The Italians continue their advances on Trient and Triest. Some shifting of French reserves to support the weaker parts of their defensive line completes the Entente’s moves. The Italian 1st Army, attacking from the northwest of Trient attempting to […]
  • Apr I 15 - The weather is still mud. The Entente begin to reorganize the French defensive line. The Italians begin to redirect their attacks on the Austrians, moving some units from the 1st and 3rd Armies to reinforce the main thrust by the 2nd Army on Trient. The 4th Army shifts into a defensive mode to hold their […]
  • Apr II 15 - The weather has begun to clear. The Alps are still in mud, but the rest of the front is now clear weather. The British have begun to build a second line of entrenchments behind the first from the Somme north to the Channel. Some reorganization along the French lines continue as the front as a […]
  • May I 15 - The weather remains the same, clear everywhere but mud in the Alps. The French and British quickly spend their new manpower points on rebuilding their cadres to full strength. This is also the first time that the Entente production has matched the historical production – if you do not include the Italian front in the […]
  • May II 15 - The weather clears over the Alps. A major reorganization and rethinking of the Entente defensive scheme in France begins. The British armies prepare to defend their area with reserves behind the line ready to react wherever the Central Powers attacks. The French also try to set up their defenses this way – relying on reserves […]
  • Jun I 15 - The British prepare to relieve one more hex from the French in northern France. The Italians divert a corps of light troops to protect the flank of the 4th Army. The 3rd Army prepares to attack the Trient supply line once more. The Italian 3rd Army attacks and is beaten back with losses. The Italians […]
  • Jun II 15 - The French and British move their troops around in a reorganization that may enable them to launch an offensive. The Italians also reorganize, pulling the 1st Army from the north western side of Trent and help defend the front against the German Alp Corps. Cadres in the 6th and 7th Corps pull back from the […]
  • Jul I 15 - The French build in preparation for their attack. The British decide to delay their offensive until the new divisions are formed next turn. They are just spread too thin to really manage any type of concentration. The Italians manage to form a defensive line and pull back from hex GW2:4606 to shorten their line and […]
  • Jul II 15 - he British transfer four more divisions to the French Front. The British 3rd Army is created and the British have extended their defensive front from the Channel to La Fere. The French transfer the relieved troops back to the Arras area for now. The Italians are forced to pull back from their attempt to cut […]
  • Aug I 15 - The war enters its second year. The Italians do a massive mobilization of their artillery and there will be a large amount of Entente equipment points available next turn. The British continue to consolidate their new defensive line while the French continue to move their new reserves south. The Italians manage to entrench their two […]
  • Sep II 15 - The British and French move up to their attack positions. The Italians entrench some more units. The French bombard the Germans near Reims and disrupts the three defending divisions. The Germans rush up three reserve divisions to bolster the defense. Foch comes through for the French and they end up with a BX result – […]
  • Oct I 15 - Mud has started in the Alps. The French manage to recover from instability. The Entente pulls units back and begins to configure the defensive line for bad weather by pulling their light divisions into reserve, sending other units to the front line for more defensive factors. The rest of the French garrison artillery is mobilized […]
  • Oct II 15 - There is now mud everywhere. The normal rifle divisions are no longer able to move up to the defensive line as reserves, so only the light divisions will now be held in reserve by the Entente. The other divisions and artillery are moved into the front lines to support the defense. The Zepplins succeed for […]
  • Nov II 15 - Frost in the Alps and Winter in the rest of the maps. The British get four more New Army divisions, enough to replace the loss of the Indian divisions and the 28th Rifle division that are beginning to be pulled out of the line and sent elsewhere. The French do some minor realignment of their […]
  • Dec I 15 - Winter and snow hit the entire maps. The British have four divisions and an artillery unit in each of their eight front line corps. The French have managed to build a front line of three divisions per corps and some artillery spread out along the front. The Italians have three or four divisions in most […]
  • Feb I 16 - The weather turns bad as snow hits the entire map. The Entente work hard at preparing their defenses. The French and British reinforce the areas between their armies to defend against the Central Powers offensive. French troops build up their reserves and another line of entrenchments is prepared. The Italians hit the Austrian factory at […]
  • February, 1916 Status - As the new year has started, we decided to issue a joint status report to compare to the Feb I 16 Historical Setup. This is where we are now: Entente Status Belgium has 17.5 Morale Points for a National Will of 1. They have lost a total of 103 Manpower points. Britain has 234 Morale […]
  • Mar I 16 - The weather has turned to mud. The Italian factory was able to produce properly despite the hit it took from the Zepplin attack. Final production was 17 resource and 13 equipment points – 2 equipment points above the historical! The French reinforce their reserves behind the German offensive. The Italians reinforce a few of their […]
  • Mar II 16 - The British begin to move their forces towards the German 7th Corps at Lens. The French reinforce between Reims and La Fere heavily to slow down the German offensive. The Italians rearrange some of their forces to be prepared against the Austrians. The German 6th Army reacts and attacks south from Epinal. The rest of […]
  • Apr I 16 - The weather has cleared up with mud in the Alps. The French have used up all of their replacements – both manpower and equipment – but are unable to recover from last turn’s losses. The French 1st Colonial Corps withdraws. The rest of the French line is reinforced as much as possible while engineering troops […]
  • Apr II 16 - The French recover from their collapse and are now back up to 100 morale points. The French start construction of a second line of entrenchments along their entire defensive line. The Italians are forced to pull the cadres from last turn’s attack on their lines back for rebuilding while rushing reserves to hold the line. […]
  • May I 16 - The French factory at Lyons is still functioning and the Entente match their historical production of 17 resource and 11 equipment points. The British are able to shift some of their forces south and relieve some French troops defending the way to Paris. The French are in desperate straits. They are unable to rebuild the […]
  • May II 16 - The Italians fall back towards Milano and attempt to build a defensive line. The British take over two more hexes in front of Paris to defend with their 5th Reserve Army. The French spend a long time reorganizing their forces to plug their holes. The British attack at Lens. They use poison gas for the […]
  • Jun I 16 - The British 5th Army takes over the defense of another hex from the French. The French are beginning to fray, but they do manage to defend every hex with at least 25 defense. Two of the hexes have only a single division and some support troops. The Reims area is well defended with six full […]
  • Jun II 16 - The Italians pull back the divisions they pulled from the front lines. They concentrate these divisions to bolster the defenses around Verona and in front of Milano. The French consolidate their defense and pull back behind the Marne River. The French also disband the rest of their rifle brigades for the manpower points. The British […]
  • Jul I 16 - One of the French factory at Lyons is damaged and cannot produce this cycle. The Entente do manage to produce 18 resource and 12 equipment points, one more each than the historical production. The French call up their Training & Replacement Garrison. They will not be in the game long enough for the loss of […]
  • Final War Status - Just shy of two years of war in Western Europe before the French surrender. The following are the end totals: Entente Status Belgium has 17.5 Morale Points for a National Will of 1. They have lost a total of 103 Manpower points. Britain has 156 Morale Points for a National Will of 3. They have […]
  • After Thoughts – Central Powers - I think I would have been better in 1914 to bypass Lille and continue my offensive towards the coast with the thought to cut Lille off from the rest of France. It would have still captured Lille with a lot less casualties for me. Those divisions I lost in capturing Lille never did get replaced. […]