Game Settings

  • Game: March to Victory
  • Scenario: Campaign Game
  • Started: September, 1998
  • Ended: May, 1999
  • Entente Player: Tom Wilcott
  • Central Powers Player: Carl Kleihege

Negotiated Rules

1. We will play the campaign game with the commands of West (British Isles), West (France/West Germany), and West (Italy/West Austria).

2. We will use the advanced air rules and the basic naval rules.

3. The CP may not use rail movement, perform construction, or have any unit of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Armies move south of the 14xx hexrow during the Special Invasion Turn.

4. Attacks must be declared before either Offensive or Defensive bombardments may occur. The attack may be aborted after the bombardments are resolved.

5. If the British Isles cannot produce the amount of Resource Points and Equipment Points that must be shipped from the command according to the 25-Feb-98 Errata, it must ship all that it can.

6. We will use the Limited Intelligence Rules with the Corps HQ counters. This makes the start of the campaign somewhat harder for the CP since all of the Belgian, BEF, and French 5th Army Corps are hidden at the start. It is harder to see what the Entente player may be planning.

7. Since Tom does not have internet access, I will post the remarks and game play to the mailing list and the website on the internet after one week of time has gone by. This will enable us to include our plans and thoughts of the game without divulging anything to each other. It will also allow us to answer questions about what we were thinking when we did that stupid move without giving anything away.

8. Incremental Odds (Rule 9K) will be used.

Comments on the Above

1. We both agreed to the full campaign game. We have played “Home before Christmas” before (as a learning scenario for Tom, the Entente Commander) and are curious to take it further now that both of us are comfortable with the game system.

2. This is actually a handicap in Tom’s favor. Without the advanced naval rules, Tom does not have to worry about a CP invasion of Britain. With the British Isles in his command, Tom now has a better control over the arrival of the British reinforcements and could strip the Isles of the activated forces much faster than historically. This should make it more interesting.

3. This is a reality check and common sense rule. Although the CP is not restricted in these ways in RAW, with all of the restrictions that Plan 17 has and discussions with Arthur at Europafest about keeping with the “spirit” of the pre-war plans, these seem reasonable. Otherwise it would be possible to combine the overrun of Liege with the RR Eng X’s clearing the rail, using Operational Rail movement to overrun Bruxelles and have the CP in France during the Special Invasion Turn. This does not seem very historical. (But it could be very fun for the CP!)

4. This is an interim solution to the bombardment rules. It appears that we will have to wait until Over There is out for the new version of the rules from Arthur, so this seems reasonable to us.

5. We stumbled on this problem during the Sep I 14 Production Phase and it has since come up on the mailing list. I have referred the question to Arthur, in the meantime this seems reasonable.

6. This will make the “BEF Shock” present during the Aug II 14 Reaction Combat Phase. It will definitely be interesting on the decision on whether to smack the BEF as soon as possible (Reaction Combat Phase) or wait until the CP Combat Phase after the Corps are no longer limited intelligence.

7. The time delay allows us more freedom to write down our impressions without fear of letting out secret plans. It is also a bit more fair since Tom does not have internet access and all questions and answers have to come through me.

8. This rule is highly recommended and does speed up play.

Turn Reports

Note: Some of the turn reports have gone missing in the past 15 years. We are working at reconstructing them from my emails, until then we present the report as complete as we have it.

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