• In the supply determination segment of the initial phase the Iraq 1-6* Inf XX 1 at 21A:4803 is still Black U-4, and isolated. Per Optional Rule 12E5, a die roll is done on the Success Table to check for elimination from lack of general supply; the roll is 3: elimination. The Iraqi inf XX is removed from the game map and placed in the Iraq Replacement Pool.

  • Per the WitD Allied OB, in the reinforcements segment of the initial phase the Allied player converts the Br 2-1-10* Mot Inf X Hab at Baqubah (21A:4802) to the 2-1-10* Lt Arm X 9. Note that this conversion could not have been done if the Iraq 1-6* Inf XX 1 at adjacent hex 21A:4803 had not been eliminated due to lack of supply a little earlier in the initial phase.

  • In the reinforcements/replacements segment of the initial phase the Allied player transfers two available ARPs in the ME Command to the NE Command (see Rule 25C4-ARP Transfer) and rebuilds the Br Hurri 1 F type air unit in the NE Eliminated Air Units box. It is placed (operative) at the Habbaniya airfleld (22A:2828) in the initial phase and in the movement phase it conducts an air transfer mission to Egypt, where it is needed at the Egypt-Libya border zone.

  • With the fall of Baghdad on the Aug I 41 Allied turn, the Allies now have a railcap of 2 in Iraq. Technically, the Coup Iraqis have a remaining railcap of 1.

Iraqi Coup force dispositions in Iraq:

Karbala (22A:3227) [salt marsh dot city/secondary rail line terminus hex]:

1 x Mxd 1A2 1/8 [still Black U-1]

Allied movement and end movement phase dispositions:

In Iraq [all Allied units in Iraq are in general supply]:

In the Central Iraq region:

Rutbah (21A:5023):

1-cap permanent airstrip [Allied owned]

Habbaniya (22A:2828) [end of turn]:

3-cap permanent airfield

1 x 0-1-4 Static II 1 AS (Col) [never moved]

1 x Audax 1A1 1/8 [operative]

1 x P 40C 5F5 1/13 (SAAF) [operative]

Baghdad (22A:2825) [partial hex city; end of turn]:

one hit on the airbase

1 x 0-1-4 Static II 2 As (Col) [moved from 22A:2826]

21A:4303 [clear terrain secondary rail hex; end of turn]:

1 x 1-8 Inf X 17 (Ind) [regular moved 8 hexes here from Baghdad]

  • This unit is marching to the reference city of Sulaimaniya (32:1532) to capture it.

Khanaquin (21A:4501) [clear terrain secondary rail line terminus point city Iranian border hex]:

1 x 6-8* Inf XX 10 (Ind) [moved here from 22A:2725]

  • This unit marches here in preparation of the invasion of Iran; end of turn disposition.

21A:4809 [stony desert road hex]:

1 x 2-1-10* Lt Arm X 9 [end of movement phase]

  • This is the new conversion unit of the 2-1-10* Mot Inf X Hab. It’s heading West, on its way first to eastern Syria, where it will capture the Vichy French/Axis-owned Deir ez Zoir reference city hex (21A:3922) for the Allies, before continuing its journey westwards to the Western Desert region.

22A:3218 [clear terrain hex in eastern Iraq]:

1 x 2-1-10* Lt Arm X 252 (Ind) [end of movement phase]

In the Southern Iraq region [all Allied units are in general supply]:

Near East:

Arrive as Reinforcements [per the WitD Allied OB for the Aug I 41 Allied turn]:

1 x 8* Inf XX HQ 8 (Ind)

1 x 2-8 Inf X 19 (Ind)

two steps of attack supply

5 SMPs

  • The Allies already have 5 SMPs in the NE Command (eg., Iraq), so now they have a total of 10 SMPs in the NE Command.

  • These two ground unit reinforcements and the two steps of attack supply arrive with their own naval transport sufficient to transport it.

Arrive in the movement phase [per the WitD Allied OB for the Aug I 41 Allied turn]:

1 x 8 Inf XX HQ 5 (Ind)

1 x 2-8 Inf X 9 (Ind)

  • These two ground units probably deserve scrutiny by hard core WW ME Campaign Scenario players in order to determine their best use in the summer of 1941. Per the WitD Allied OB, both originally come to the Middle East Command that summer from East Africa. After a very brief stay in the ME Command, in WW WD Campaign Scenarios they are required this turn to then transfer to the Near East Command, either via East Med/Indian Ocean sea transport or else more likely overland via exiting the east edge of map 20A in Trans-Jordan or Syria, especially if the Iraq Coup collapsed several turns ago and there is no urgency. One thing they could do in their brief stop-over in the Middle East, which corresponds with the Syrian campaign, is to be part of the Palestine garrison upon arriving there, perhaps disembarking at the great port of Hafia, in Palestine. This would allow for a timely release of the existing Allied units in the Palestine garrison for use in the Levant campaign just a little farther north. In our “Iraq Campaign” case there is pressing need for them in the Basra zone in Iraq for the Iranian invasion done from there, I believe. So we say that in our special ME/“Iraq Campaign” Scenario demonstration they both left Palestine at the start of the Jul II 41 Allied turn from Haifa, embarked on two East Med/Indian Ocean NTPs. The two NTPs and their cargo sailed southwards (through the Suez Canal) about a 100 naval MPs and eventually entered the WW Aden Off-Map Holding Box at the end of the Jul II 41 movement phase, but without the ground cargo disembarking (see Rule 28A). Then, on the Aug I 41 Allied turn, they leave the Aden Off-Map Holding Box using East Med/Indian Ocean NTPs and spend 110 naval MPs moving to all-sea Persian Gulf hex 5109, on the south edge of map 22A (see the info in the Aden Off-Map Holding Box). From there they spend 10 naval MPs to arrive at the major port of Basra and disembark, spending 30 naval NTPs doing so, but with no remaining ground MPs left for the movement phase, per the Naval Transport Costs Summary found on WW Game Play Chart 3-Naval War.

Basra (22A:4313) [major port/dot city; end of turn]:

Allied standard Supply Terminal marker

1 x 8 Inf XX HQ 5 (Ind)

1 x 2-8 Inf X 9 (Ind)

  • Both these Ind inf units disembarked at Basra after voyaging from the ME Command in East Med/Indian Ocean NTPs. They can move no farther. They began their long voyage from Hafia to Basra on the Jul II 41 Allied turn.

5 steps of attack supply [two arrived this turn as reinforcements per the WitD Allied OB]

22A:4212 [swamp Iranian border hex; end of turn]:

1 x 2-8 Inf X 18 (Ind) [began the turn at Basra; moved 1 hex to here]

1 x 8* Inf XX HQ 8 (Ind)

1 x 2-8 Inf X 19 (Ind)

  • These two Reinforcement Ind units disembarked at Basra and moved to here.

Shaibah (22A:4314):

3-cap permanent airfield [Axis controlled]

Exploitation phase c/m movement:

21A:4318 [clear terrain Syrian border hex; end of turn]:

1 x 2-1-10* Lt Arm X 9 [moved 10 hexes west from 21A:4409]

22A:3514 [clear terrain Iranian border hex; end of turn]:

1 x 2-1-10* Lt Arm X 252 (Ind)

  • Exploits to here from 22A:3218; on the way it captures the Amara reference city hex (22A:3576). It moves here in preparation for the invasion of Iran.


A pretty big error was said/done in the Jul II 41 Axis game report post done at the EA. I talked a whole paragraph in a Commentary bullet about the Axis gaining +10 VPs “the first time the player gains control of all cities in the Levant.” In the special ME/“Iraq Campaign” Scenario demonstration it’s the Allies who are gaining control of the Levant, not the Axis, so disregard my nonsense in that bullet in the Jul II 41 Axis game report about the Axis gaining control there. Gotta slow down and edit better. In WW ME Campaign Scenario games the Allies get no VPs for Control of the French Levant, Iraq, or Iran; but the Axis do, if they somehow can. The Allies do get VPs for eliminated/surrendered Vichy French forces in the Levant, and they get +5 VPs “the Axis initial phase when Iran surrenders to the Allies,” per the Near East Victory Chart found in the WW Scenarios & Appendices booklet.