Axis side is played by the team of Brian O’Connell (BF area, air & navy CC and overall CINC, Dean Moon (East Africa and Near East if it becomes active prior to the DAK reaching it <laffs> & Sam Dahman (North Africa).  The Allied side consists of Glenn Davis (in his role as Wavell himself), Dave Chandler (Balkans), Jim Broshot (East Africa) and John Pasco (Western Desert).  Game is being played via JET PBEM style.

The late Fred Helfferich had been on the Axis team prior to the actual game start, as the projected EA commander.  Brian O’Connell was to act as the CINC and take care of air, while Dean was going to be the Balkan commander.  After Fred’s unfortunate passing, Dean took over the EA area and I picked up the Balkans since they are a fairly short campaign given the whole length of the game.

The following rules are in effect:

Advanced Rules

3D7 – Central Med reduction – Yes
5B3-4 – Ownership – Yes
7B2/37J3 – Fair weather roads – Yes
12JC1d – Axis standard supply terminals – No
12D3-4 – Minimal/Automatic attack supply – Yes
13C – Retreats & Overruns – Yes
14A1e-j – Advanced construction – Yes
15C5 – Commonwealth Breakdowns – Yes
17F – Unprepared airbases – No
20G2k – River transport marshalling yards – Yes
20G3 – Minimal air support – Yes
22C – Harassment abatement – No
25C6-7 – ARP limits/accumulation – No
25C8 – ARP transfer – No
25E – Air unit deactivation – Yes
31A6 – Concealed cargo- No
34C – Nile river mov’t – Yes
36D2 – Desert Storms, temp airfields – Yes
37C2c – Kufra – Yes
37E4 – Forming/replacement pools – Yes
37K – Inter-Allied cooperation – No
38B1 – British/commonwealth op area – Yes
38B3 – Australian preservation – Yes
38B4 – Special assy/breakdown combos – Yes