Game Settings

  • Game: War of Resistance
  • Scenario: Campaign Game
  • Optional Rules: All used
  • House Rules: None/LI>
  • Game Played: Summer 2000
  • Game Lengh:
  • Game Turns played:
  • Japanese Players: Ron Akens, Courtenay Footman
  • Chinese Players: Dean T. Moon, Ken Guerin

The northern front was recorded and is reported by Dean Moon, and from the perspective of the northern Chinese factions and Communists. The central front is reported by Courtenay Footman, and from the perspective of the overall Japanese high command.

Turn Reports

  • Aug I 37 - Weather roll 6, Tokyo mandate failed. Japanese Player Turn Two SNLF regiments and some more GSP’s are sent to Shanghai. In the north, forces push over Yungling river. Kaopietien and Tshinghai are captured, and I think the Machang was crossed. Along the Mongolian railroad, hex 0725 is reached. Chinese Player Turn An air attack is […]
  • Jul II 37 - Weather roll 6, Tokyo mandate failed. Japanese Player Turn Peiping and Tientsin both captured, with troops staying under control in both cities. A Japanese infantry battalion is killed in the attack on Peiping’s northern hex. The lower Hai is crossed in several places, but the Yungling, near Peiping, is not. The whole Peiping-Manchuria high volume […]
  • Sep I 37 - Weather roll 5, Tokyo mandate failed. Japanese Player Turn One fewer pip than normal on the weather roll, but the seas are still rough. Five additional NTs are rented for the turn, allowing two divisions, engineer units, and whatever artillery I could find to land in Woosung. Every unit ashore attacks a lone 4-6 in […]
  • Sep II 37 - Weather roll six, Tokyo mandate fails. The Weather returns to normal Japanese Player Turn The Chinese put only the northern two hexes of their line in supply. The Japanese land a brigade in each of the two hexes immediately behind their lines (0707 and 0307). Two more divisions arrive; in addition, the siege artillery is […]
  • Oct I 37 - Weather roll ???, Tokyo mandate failed. Japanese Player Turn In the Japanese turn, 0407 and 0408 were overrun, as were the 1-4s on the left flank. Chiangyin was taken, and the 4-6s at 0209 were ZoCced and killed. Somewhere in here, the Chinese War Zone HQ was overrun. Chinese Player Turn Hunan went uncooperative; again […]
  • Oct II 37 - Weather roll ???, Tokyo mandate failed. Japanese Player Turn 0310 was overrun, and 0311 attacked and taken. In exploitation Ihsing (0411) was taken, and a 0-4 construction unit was overrun in 0312, but no attempt was made to enter the hex. On the southern flank, 0711 was taken, and 0712 was advanced into, momentarily isolating […]
  • Nov I 37 - Weather roll 6, Tokyo mandate failed. Japanese Player Turn Despite the unexpected rough seas, an ordinary infantry regiment lands next to Chefoo and takes it, while the SNLF lands next to Tsingtao and takes that, both with NGS. Fortunately, the Manchurians in Tsingtao had left to destroy infrastructure, leaving only the naval troops to defend […]
  • Nov II 37 - Weather roll 6, Tokyo mandate failed. Japanese Player Turn And the one thing that can save Nanking occurs. The rain, a 1/6th chance, stops the Japanese cold. The problem is not the minus one (although that doesn’t help), but the fact that the units that went over to kill 10th corps can’t get back to […]
  • Dec I 37 - Weather roll 2, Tokyo mandate roll fails. Japanese Player Turn The automatic lowering of the Tokyo mandate roll allows the invasion of Chekiang. Two divisions plus other units overrun a scattering of Chinese units around Hangchow and Shaohsing, and a regiment then exploits all the way to Chuchow. Meanwhile, troops run riot in Hangchow. Each […]
  • Dec II 37 - Weather roll 4, Tokyo mandate fails Japanese Player Turn An attempt to kill some guerrillas fails in the rain. Fortress Chenchiang is taken, and Kiangtu is taken without opposition during exploitation. A division(+) force crosses the Yangtze using the RT as a ferry, along with the new army HQ, and achieves a DH on an […]
  • Aug II 37 - Weather roll 6, Tokyo mandate failed. (Does one began to sense a certain repetitiveness in these first lines?) Japanese Player Turn In the initial phase, I converted one attack supply into GSP in Shanghai. I was intensely frustrated at not being able to conduct amphibious invasions this turn, as there were several juicy targets. However, […]