Game Settings

Game: War in the Desert
Scenario: Mini Wavell: This game was played as a Mini-Wavell's War (Wavell's War not having come out by the time of this
writing) and so included WitD as well as Balkan Front. However, WitD took precedence, and BF became stagnant quickly and quite predictable during the spring. Therefore, this report only includes the North African Campaign, mentioning BF in passing when it affects WitD.
Optional Rules: All used
House Rules: 1) Percentile dice are used to determine odds, as opposed to the rounding in favor of the defender method in the RAW.

2) Roads can be built at a cost of 3 MP per hex on clear terrain only (hexsides included).

3) AS is changed significantly: it appears as can general supply at supply terminals in 2 RE increments (4 REs in Sicily).

4) Game begins on the I Sept 1940 Axis turn. The Axis turn is second, and so the Allied OB for the BF was moved
back one turn.

5) Non-C/M units are allowed to move half their movement allowance (round down) during the exploitation phase.
However, the rule allowing to move one hex so long as it is not prohibited even if it costs more MP than a unit has is
ignored during the xploitation phase for non-C/M units. Since ZOCs cost 3 MPs to cross and Italian infantry can only
move MP during the exploitation phase this gives a large advantage to the British attacker, counteracting rule changes
2 and 4.
Turns Played:8 Turns
Game Played:Summer 2000
Axis Player: Glen Davis
Allied Players: Eric Peterson played the British while Paul Wearmont the French, Americans, and Greeks although the Allied
Note:Any credit given to tactical brilliance is our way of saying the dice rolled high or low.