GameThe Damned Die Hard
ScenarioPhillipines fully prepared-scenario
Optional RulesThis replay used the optional "Philippines Fully Prepared" scenario,
basically because we wanted to see whether the extra troops could have made a difference to the campaign and because I hate to see counters never making it on the map. It is assummed macArthur cried loud enough to be given his bottle and its now to be seen whether it will make any difference to the Japanese.
House RulesAlthough we were both a bit doubtful about the unit strength assigned to the US Infantry units (we feel they are very optimistic) we decided that the extra six months in country had actually given the soldiers a bit of ability and resisted the temptation to graft some home rules onto the game.
Time Played16.1.2000 - 15.3.2000
Allied PlayerN.N.
Japanese PlayerRobert Williams