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  • Allied Surprise Turn - Somewhere high above the Arctic Circle German troops patrol in the cold northern regions, defending the northern Finnish front against their bitter enemies, the Soviet Red Army. For the troops of the Wehrmacht posted to this region, things have been quiet for several weeks, as the Red Army continues to suffer the mighty hammer blows […]
  • September II 1942 - Orkney Islands In the pre-dawn light, RAF ground crews prepare their charges for an attack on Stavanger. Agents in the port have broadcast that KM ships are present and a raid is determined as the best method of welcoming these newcomers to the fighting. With Beaufighters and Sunderlands escorted by P-51s, the RAF flys low […]
  • October I 1942 - Norway is deluged by rain, churning the battlefields into muddy morasses. Troops are forced to painfully march through knee deep mud, made all the worse by the dropping temperatures. At sea, the rolling swells make many a soldier violently ill as they are carried across the North Sea. Bergen Some of these sea sick soldiers […]
  • October II 1942 - Heavy Task Forces combine at Trondheim, determined to prevent the Kreigsmarine open passage of the sea again. Air cover has become scarce over the fleet but Allied Sea Captains rely upon their superior range and numbers to destroy the German Fleet at sea. With German units no longer positioned along the coast in the immediate […]
  • November I 1942 - In the Arctic circle, heavy snow falls, effectively closing down this front, not that any significant events had occurred here since October. Further south, the air is cold and crisp, with the muddy conditions becoming stable underfoot and allowing easy vehicle movement on the roads and tracks. At sea however, the conditions are attrocious, with […]
  • November II 1942 - Weather conditions throughout the theatre remain the same, at sea the conditions calm some what but remain rough and tumultuous. Glomma Valley The security troops of the Hird Brigade relax along the road side during a break in their march to the front. Pickets have been posted as early warning while the Brigade commander has […]
  • December I 1942 - Only southern Norway remains free from heavy snow falls which deluge northern Scandanavia. At sea, the conditions remain unstable and rough. Oslo Airfield Incessant air raids continue from British P 51s on Oslo Airfield. Luftwaffe mechanics are unable to maintain unit readiness and another Ju 88 wing is damaged by the ferocious air campaign. Over […]
  • December II 1942 - In Allied Army HQ, in Trondheim, the British C-in-C is briefing his new US subordinates on the expected future of the campaign. His Canadian and British Divisional Commanders have returned from the front to help sort out supply difficulties to ensure the final break through to Oslo can occur. While they speak, it is noticed […]