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This report was cobbled together from a home brewed mini-GE scenario. Its origins lie in reading Fred’s Gijon challenge and Carlos’ response in TEM 68 (or was it 69??). In Carlos’ response, there was a reprint of the FWTBT map portion showing some of the Spanish coast along the Bay of Biscay and the thought struck me that there were some lovely high capacity ports and dot cities available for easy capture by a ruthless Allied player as a manner of turning the Atlantic Wall. I did some cross referencing of rules and such like and when I realised the Spanish OB set up doesn’t strongly defend this area and German occupation of ports is the only time when automatic port destruction is assured I toyed with cobbling together a scenario of the Western Front 43-45 and threw in Scandanavia. Why? Because I had the maps and counters. The OBs from all three games seemed to mesh well but we cobbled together a different VP system.

In order to justify an Allied invasion of neutral, inoffensive Spain, I called the scenario “The Fight against Fascism”, the supposition being that all fascist states were fair game in the liberation of Western Europe and the goals of the allies were the liberation of nations under Axis domination – namely their capitals and the return of Government’s in exile. The Axis (German) goals were based on destroying the Allied forces and retaining territorial areas – the idea being that this would force the German player to operate under some form of conditions that would reflect Hitler’s refusal to give up territory.