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This game was originally intended as a three player game to try and introduce a newbie to the game system and so I was selected as the Joint commander of the Nazi-Communist Alliance (fifth game in a row now I’ve flown the banner of world domination and villany – what is it with me, do I have “Axis Stooge” tatooed on my forehead?).

Unfortunately the newbie was called away to attend a birth of his newborn (of all the excuses!) so the game ended up a one on one minus the cigars which were in the new fathers coat pocket. Damn.

Set up: A fairly routine affair, Finns covering the roads and coast, Mannerheim armed to the teeth, Ski units on the border practising for the 1940 Winter Olympics (Shoot and Scoot a specialty). The central reserve has placed its units around the border north east of Lake Ladoga.

The Red Army is massed along the border two divisions high, and the plan is to drive onto Lake Janis and rip the heart out of the Finns. Confidence is high, KV-1 tanks are massed, plucky little Ivan has linked arms with his neighbour and is prepared to charge valiantly headlong into the enemy while shouting patriotic slogans of the Motherland.

Turn Reports

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