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I’ll say things got shaken up! I made some very unlikely die rolls for determining which units rebel. The rolls were generally very lucky for the Loyalists. Units a Toledo, Vitoria, Cordoba, Granada, Alerciras, Pontevdra, Zaragoza, and Salamanca stayed loyal. In addition, a few cities without units that historically rebelled failed to do so. On the other hand, the Insurgents didn’t pick up much that they didn’t get historically. The only units that joined the rebellion that didn’t historically were those at Malaga, Almeria, and Jaen. The Insurgents did get a bunch of extra cities without units, all in Andalusia. If you study the rebellion numbers, you’ll find that the use of the variable start rule generally will favor the Insurgents, but it sure didn’t here. I put to Insurgent capital in El Ferrol.

Turn Reports

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