This is a short game report written up in 1999 and generated during my first years of actively playing Europa. I enlisted my best friend and flatmate to a game of “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, confident in my victory since I had already played some games and owned most of TEM’s back catalogue, while Lars was a total novice. Feeling gracious, I let him pick sides, so he picked the Republic since he thought the defense was easier.


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The outcome was never much in doubt: Overconfident and reckless, I got my head handed over on a platter by Lars, who skillfully held me in Andalucia and in front of Madrid while linking up with the Gubernitos in the north. The game went longer than the available reports, but I doubt I have the hand-written originals around somewhere still. When we moved we had to clean up the game, which saved me from additional embarrasement, but it was long clear at that point that the Loyalists were going to win a desicive victory.