This is the first of two (intended to be) simultaneous FWTBT games that I will report on. In the first, I will be playing the heroic forces of the Insurgency, saving Spanish culture from the chaos engendered by a weak government mired in degeneracy and corruption, the puppet of the international forces of communism and socialist upheaval. Go me :) In the other game, I will be the Loyalists playing Dave Tebbutt. As such, my reports will be somewhat delayed compared with where we actually stand in the game in question. I had originally envisioned delaying the reports from each game until both had completed the turns about to be reported on… however, the 2nd game is being delayed until HT-P is ready to go ‘live’, at least internally, so we can test things.

Game: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Scenario: Full Campaign
Optional Rules: Advanced and optional rules in play include: all advanced, optionals 44A1 (bridges), 44C1 (hvy AA vs fortifications), 44F3 (intrinsic CD def), 44G (local drafting), and the ‘designer’s choice’ rule 45C (entrenchments.)
House Rules: No
Game Played: March 2014-Summer 2015
Insurgent Player: Bian O'Connell
Loyalist Player: Sam Dahmann