Game Settings

Game: Fire in the East
Scenario: Full Campaign Game
Optional RulesAll used
House Rules: No
Turns played30 (up To June 1942)
Game Played: Jan 2001 to Aug 2001
Axis Player:John Barr
Allied Player: N.N.

Turn Reports

  • June and July 1941 - We have completed the JUL II turn and the Soviets lost 105 factors (about 1/2 isolated) to very few for the Germans. But, Russian counter attacks in the south did kill two combat engineer units and a motorized antitank unit in the north. The Russians also managed to bomb a temporary german airfield near leningrad […]
  • August I 1941 - We’ve finished the August I turn with about 65 Soviet losses and few, if any German losses. The breakdown by army group is as follows. AGN: The Finns captured Vipurri on a DR after a big dogfight over the city were three Finnish fighters were aborted. One Russian bomber was shot down and a couple […]
  • August II 1941 (German Turn) - Light Soviet losses this turn, around 20 or so, and no German losses to report. By army group the action was as follows. AGN: Not much in the Finnish front, the soviets are moving artillery towards Vipurii, but that’s about it. The Germans uses the Kriegsmarine commando surprise rule to get a +1 and engineers […]
  • Sept I 1941 - Overall, the Soviets lost about 75 points (11 isolated) and the Germans lost 17. Also, the Finns shot down a soviet fighter. Here’s the action by army group. AGN: The Finns attacked out of Vipuri and rolled a HX taking a German division as the exchage. The Germans captured Novgorod and pushed across the river […]
  • Sept II 1941 - The German Sept II turn is now done and this time the Russians lost 98 factors (mostly infantry, little if any armor) and the Germans lost none. The Russian AA/fighters aborted six germans in the South, aborted enough transports in the center to foil an attempted airdrop into the city (can we say St. Marie […]
  • Oct II/Nov I 1941 - Oct II saw very little ground combat with the Russians losing six factors and the Germans none.  A series of EX’s and HX’s in Nov I, however, saw the Russians lose 48 factors, mainly infantry, and the Germans 44.  It is mud everywhere right now, except in weather zone A where it is snow.  Here […]
  • Nov II 41 – Jan I 42 - Here’s the update for our FITE/SE game, in a fit of energy, we have completed everything through the Jan I 1942 turn: AGN: It has been snowing here since November and it won’t let up until March at the earliest.  Two massive air raids on Leningrad resulted in just two hits on Russian BB’s, one […]
  • Jan II 1942 - The Germans dropped on Belomorsk and put the Arctic front out of supply. Meanwhile, the Russians undeterred by lack of mail or the threats to Moscow and Leningrad continued their assaults on the Finns eliminating a division and cadre for two others. AGN: The skies were black with planes as the Germans pushed next to […]
  • Februar 1942 - Feb I 42 Finland beats a hasty retreat to within seven hexes of Helsinki in the south and everyone sits around and shivers in the north. Meanwhile, bloody attacks take place near Leningrad and Moscow with the body count reaching 66 factors for the axis and 117 for the Russians. Feb II 42 A whole […]
  • March 1942 - Mar I 42 An EX near Leningrad and some loses near Moscow push the total on this turn to 34 for the axis and 49 for the Russians. The Germans are picking up hexes just south of Leningrad, but the Russians don’t really seem to care. Mar II 42 Another EX near Leningrad makes the […]
  • April 1942 - Well, mud made it’s sticky was back to most of the front and the Germans launch another HUGE airraid on Leningrad. This time, the Soviets kill 4 planes and abort 9 more, but they lose a CL and a CA leaving only two CA in the Baltic fleet. For the turn the Russians lose 31 […]
  • May and June 1942 - In the early summer of ’42, the Germans took a few hexes near Leningrad using the Eastern special forces unit to launch one daring surprise attack about one month after it had failed. The Finns launched a few local attacks on the “seven hex” line killing a couple of Russian divisions and artillery units as […]
  • July 42 - special report by Soviet commander TVD South and South-West Jul II 42… The Don Front commander surveys the scene and notices that the mixed bag of Axis allies have not yet reached the river. This gives him the opportunity to cross in force with 7+ Tank Corps plus support units. Large air battles erupt over […]