At the start of this game I’ve had to do a lot of tedious rules studying
and careful wargame planning. I’m not experienced with either the SoS or
the SF naval rules, so the Apr I 40 game turn of the Campaign for Norway
Scenario has been daunting for me. I’ve relied some on Peter Ljunberg’s
Storm over Scandinavia Battlefield Report found in TEM #66 and in
particular on the interesting Campaign Report done by some good Europa
players which was posted earlier this year at the EA files.

Game: Storm over Scandinavia
Scenario: Campaign for Norway
Optional RulesWe decide to use all the Advanced Rules found at Rule 43 except
43C1-Advanced Naval Mechanics: Naval Transport and Bombing. Regarding Rule 44-Optional Rules, we decide to not use 44B10, 11, and 12 because they are not applicable to the Campaign for Norway scenario. We also don't use 44C2-Air Drop Capacity this time because of its complexity, but are not here disavowing it forever; and in particular don't now (perhaps never) use 44D3-CD Combat Strengths, because we currently think this could significantly strengthen the defense strength of theKjobenhavn and Oslo hexes to the point of skewing the game. The historical 4 hour campaign for Denmark could become an unhistorical second bloody Battle for Warsaw.
House Rules: None
Game Played: September 2013-January 2014
Game Length: 4 Turns
Game Turns played:6 Turns
Axis Player:Gregory Bartels
Allied Player: N.N.

What I hope to offer here in this EA posting is what might be called a
study of at least the scenario‘s Apr I 40 first game turn, covering the
Axis first turn execution of their invasion of Denmark and Norway and
(hopefully also) the Allied player’s first turn reaction to the German
invasion of Norway; but possibly more. This is done to maybe get some
feedback from more experienced SoS players regarding correct rules play
and execution of the complex German 1st turn invasion of Denmark and
Norway. The problem with reporting the play in the wargame is the
complexity and tediousness of the SoS naval rules, I think. There are
probably rules errors of my own and some of my wargame tactics and
strategy could likely be done better. Constructive criticism is invited
so that EA readers might perhaps better learn the rules accurately and
play better the SoS Campaign for Norway scenario wargame.