Game Settings

Game: Balkan Front
Scenario: Wavell’s War Rules
Optional RulesAll used
House Rules: No
Game Played: 2004
Axis Player:Jim Broshot, last turns: Dean T. Moon
Allied Player: Brian M. O’Connell

Turn Reports

  • Oct II 40 Italian player turn - Set-up: The Greeks have chosen to defend Ioannina in strength, with both of their 5-6 Mtn XX’s in the immediate area, though a gap along the coast in the non-mountainous terrain exists. To the northeast of the 8th & 9th Mtn XX’s a line of border troops and mountain regiments exists all the way up […]
  • Nov I 40 - Initial Phase: The Greek army mobilizes. Numerous reinforcements are poised to rush to the front and fill up the Metaxas line. The British Well 1C is called up at the cost of -1 VP for on-map use. Italian bombers fly limited harassment missions, intended to slow this Greek push to the front (1 along the […]
  • Nov II 40 - Initial phase: Weather rolls result in mud in D, clear in E, with clear seas in the Med. The Metaxas line garrison is met, so Greek units may now freely pass over the Strimon. Minor reinforcements arrive on the islands in the Aegean. The Allied high command again elects to call up the Well 1C […]
  • Dec I 40 - Weather: Another 2 is rolled for weather, leaving the D zone in mud and the E zone clear. Greek offensive operations will likely be delayed another turn. The Med remains clear (1 rolled) Initial Phase: No significant Greek reinforcements. The Well 1C is again called up at the cost of 1VP. The Greeks choose to […]
  • Dec II 40 - Allied Player Turn Weather: A 4 is rolled, so winter arrives in the mountains of northern Greece, while the mud arrives in the south. Initial Phase: More minor Greek reinforcements arrive, while the 4 Mtn X converts to the 15 Mtn Div. Due to poor weather (most likely), the Well C is not called up […]
  • Jan I 41 - Allied Player turn Weather: Weather remains poor, with winter in the north and mud in the south. For the first time, the Med turns rough as well. Initial phase: The first Allied air reinforcements arrive, with a Brit Glad showing up, along with 1 ARP each for the Greeks & Brits. The Greek one is […]
  • Jan II 41 - Allied Player turn Weather: The weather holds, and remains winter in the north and mud in the south. Initial Phase: The scheduled reorganization for this turn is put on hold, as the units necessary to accomplish it are not properly placed. A 3-2-8 reg‘t is rebuilt (eliminated in the first turn so long ago) using […]
  • Feb I 41 - Allied Player turn Weather: Double 2‘s, for mud in the north and south of Greece, while the seas stay calm. Initial Phase: The Greeks reorganize 3 divisions, previously delayed, but choose to save their 1 British ARP, leaving the Blens aborted. A number of reinforcements arrive on the eastern Greek isles. Due to the mud […]
  • Feb II 41 - Allied Player turn Weather: A pair of 6‘s is rolled, resulting in snow in the north, mud in the south, and rough weather in the Med (and putting the kebosh on the planned naval assault on Melos thanks to significant disruption mods.) Initial phase: Some more Greek reorganization amongst border troops results in 2 new […]
  • Mar I 41 - Allied Player turn Weather: A 3 & 4 result in mud in the north and clear in the south, and calm seas in the med. Initial phase: The first significant British reinforcements arrive, consisting of the 1st Arm X. A colonial construction unit also makes an appearance. The Allies lose 1 VP for not having […]
  • Mar II 41 - Allied Player turn Weather: In an Italian disaster (you‘ll see why later,) a 5 and 6 result in mud across Greece and rough weather in the Med. Initial phase: The Brits arrive for a massive reinforcement of the Greeks. Seeing the build up, Mussolini launches his fleet in an attempt to establish a naval presence […]
  • Apr I 41 - Allied Player turn Weather: A 1 is rolled so both D & E go clear. Initial phase: The port of Athens is opened as an Allied supply terminal, thereby allowing non-Greek units to draw general supply from the port. All other units across the front go back into supply as the muds dry and the […]
  • Apr II 41 - Allied Player turn Initial Phase: King Moonopolis rallies his troops despite the extremely threatening position and the Greeks refuse to reduce their morale (Demoralization roll is a 6, with no mods since sufficient Allied troops are on the mainland and no others apply.) This puts the Axis in a time bind, since a quick surrender […]
  • May I 41 - Allied Player turn Weather: Guaranteed clear and calm throughout the theater. Initial phase: More special replacements arrive from the front and „behind“ the forward lines, allowing the Greeks to rebuild a number of previously destroyed units. 21st Infantry division forms up from Greek non-divisionals. Greek and British air replacements arrive, allowing the British to rebuild […]
  • May II 41 - Allied Player Turn Weather: Clear everywhere. Initial phase: Allied fort construction is completed at 0413 on the Spherkios, and at 0715 in the Peloponnesus. Fort construction begins at 0513, using 1 Res Pt. The Allied High Command chooses to activate the Well1C and Blen4 at Alexandria (-2 Vps). Two harassment hits are placed behind the […]
  • Jun I 41 -  Allied Player turn Weather: Clear throughout. Initial phase: Things look bleak for the Allies, though the VP count may not be too bad since the Axis clearly haven‘t taken Greece out in the same period of time as in the real event, despite their individual successes and breakthroughs. The Greeks convert two border units in […]
  • Jun II 41 - Allied Player turn Initial phase: Nothing really, though the allied troops do go U-2, reducing them to ½ defense strength. Mov’t phase: All units consolidate in hex 0514 and promise to give as good as they get in the upcoming Axis turn. There being no airfields in the area, and the troops being tankers and […]
  • Game Commentary - Italian Strategy I followed a fairly conservative strategy at the beginning of the game, essentially looking to seize a few hexes for VP purposes, and then hope to weather the Greek counterattack. I had read of and seen numerous games of BF where the Italians sprint down the west coast of Greece, only to be […]